Think Currituck County:
The Perfect Location for Your Mid Atlantic Business Expansion

Currituck County, located on the north eastern shore of the beautiful state of North Carolina is the perfect location for the mid atlantic expansion of your business. Our close proximity to the Greater Hampton Roads area, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but with very attractive business friendly incentives, makes us the ideal location for expansion or relocation.


Numerous commercial and industrial sites are available throughout Currituck County with easy accessibility by land, sea and air. And, we are committed to providing top-quality services to our residents, businesses and visitors. In fact, Currituck County boasts one of North Carolina’s top performing school districts, quiet and safe neighborhoods, low tax rates, and beautiful beaches that make Currituck County the perfect place to live & play, and also work.


9.png The Currituck County Economic Development recently announced a new Commercial Real Estate Property Listing Service now available for property seekers and sellers. The service collects, confirms, and combines property data from several listing databases into one – so you don’t have to. 

Currituck County Is Ideal for Business Relocation

Because of our unique coastal location in the mid atlantic region, we offer an ideal location for a variety of industries, like defense, alternative energy and maritime, to find a great place to call home.

Defense and Aerospace – we’re close to Hampton Roads, the Port of Virginia and the NASA Langley Research center.

Agriculture and Food – we have lots of open spaces for farming and agricultural output, not to mention our ability to access worldwide distribution channels.

Maritime - Our coastal location in close proximity to the Port of Virginia offers enviable access to the global marketplace.


Overview of Doing Business in Currituck


We have it all in Currituck County for businesses to be successful including a solid infrastructure, skilled employees and access to regional and global markets, making Currituck County the smart choice for business development in the mid atlantic region.


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Low Taxes
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Keep it Local
Currituck County kicked off a "Buy Local" initiative last fall to encourage shoppers to patronize local businesses. Read more...


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