About Currituck County Economic Development

With a primary goal of strengthening and diversifying the local economy while encouraging job growth, the Currituck County Economic Development Department deploys a multi-faceted approach to ensure success.  From supporting the expansion of existing businesses to recruiting new industries, the Department's overall efforts bolster the County's business climate for all.  Specifically, our primary objectives include:

  • Promote the County's general economic development consistent with the philosophy of the economic growth adopted by the Board of Commissioners
  • Serve as a primary source for economic and related information for businesses interested in locating in Currituck County
  • Balance business retention and expansion with key industry recruitment efforts
  • Support business clients to secure County and State incentives
  • Assist landowners, developers and utilities with the preparation and marketing of industrial sites, buildings and business parks
  • Promote tourism-related business expansion in partnership with the County's Travel and Tourism Department

Who We Are

In addition to Economic Development marketing, promotion and retention activities, the department also oversees and manages Currituck County Regional Airport (KONX), a business and general aviaition airport serving the greater Outer Banks and Hampton Roads markets.  

A publicly-elected, 7-member Currituck County Board of Commissioners provides the overall legislative, budgetary and policy direction leadership for all county services including Economic Development functions. Currently, the seven-member Board is as follows: 


  • Chairman David Griggs - District 2 Seat
  • Vice-Chairman Oswald Vance Aydlett, Jr. - District 1 Seat
  • S. Paul O'Neal - At Large Seat
  • Michael Hall - At Large Seat
  • Marion Gilbert - District 5 Seat
  • Mike Payment - District 3 Seat
  • Paul Beaumont - District 4 Seat

Additionally, an Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) of citizens is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and works closely with the County's Economic Development Director to formulate economic development policies programs and marketing plans.  The review and recommendation of incentive projects to the Board of Commissioners also falls under their purview. 

In September 2014, the Currituck County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to appoint the following members to the EDAB:

  • Mr. Peter Bishop - Director
  • Mr. John Snowden - Chairman
  • Mrs. Barbara Courtney - Vice-Chairman
  • Mr. Sam Miller
  • Mr. Ray Griggs
  • Mrs. Martha Newmark-Burns
  • Ms. Kandi Deitemeyer
  • Mr. Keith Hall
  • Mr. John Harris
  • Mr. Roger Lambertson
  • Mr. Gregory Laput
  • Mr. Alfred Marzetti
  • Mr. Eldon Miller III
  • Mr. Ed Ish

Ex-Officio Appointments and Staff: 

  • Mr. Dan Scanlon II - County Manager, Ex-Officio
  • Mr. Josh Bass - Chamber of Commerce, Ex-Officio
  • Mr. Mike Payment - Board of Commissioners Appointment


The Economic Development Advisory Board holds its regular meeting at 5:30 PM on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October. All meetings are held at the Historic Courthouse building, 153 Courthouse Road, Room 205, Currituck, NC 27929. All meetings are open to the public - attendance and participation is encouraged by local businesses to keep the EDAB abreast of current events and issues in the County.

Agendas and minutes are available by contacting the department directly.