Currituck County Offers a Hampton Roads Business Location with the Lowest Corporate Taxes

Currituck County is here to assist all businesses looking to relocate or expand in the greater Hampton Roads area. We strive to be a one-stop-shop with valuable resources and information to assist in your decision to conduct business in Currituck County. 

Small Business Assistance

Small Businesses are assisted locally by the Currituck County Economic Development Department. An Economic Development Advisory Board provides insight and experience to the county in support of the Board of Commissioners' vision for commercial growth. Regionally, business assistance is available from a number of agencies, including state-level offices and small-business organizations in northeast North Carolina.

NC East Alliance

North Carolina's East Alliance promotes economic development and travel and tourism for the sixteen northeastern North Carolina Counties, including Currituck County in the greater Hampton Roads area. The Northeast Commission provides no cost, confidential assistance to companies considering relocation or expansion in the region.


Currituck County works with the State of North Carolina to attract and retain high growth industries that increasingly depend on our capacity to supply a skilled labor force. The North Carolina Department of Commerce implements and supports programs that upgrade the skills of our existing workers, better prepare our emerging workers, and reconnect dislocated workers and welfare recipients to the world of work.


Fully unincorporated, all taxes including business, personal and real estate, in Currituck County are assessed at the same rate, which allows us to offer one of the lowest tax rates by far in the greater Hampton Roads area.  We’ve compiled all of the information you need to know on Corporate Income Tax, Sales and Use Tax, Property Tax, Withholding Tax, and Unemployment Insurance Tax involved in running a business in Currituck County. 

Regulations & Permits

Licensing and permitting requirements may be imposed by state and local governing authorities as well as by federal authorities.

Zoning - Currituck Planning and Inspections Department

The Currituck County Planning and Inspections Department is responsible for the administration of the overall countywide Planning Program, planning for the physical development and growth of the County. This responsibility includes comprehensive planning; administering and enforcing the Unified Development Ordinance; updating the Land Use Plan; commercial/industrial site plan review and approval; residential building permit review, approval and administration; and more.

Bid Opportunities

Bid opportunities are offered by Currituck County, located just outside the Hampton Roads area. Instructions on how to submit a bid will be included with each posting.

Jobs and Working in Currituck

Business-owners seeking to expand their staff can find the perfect match with help from Currituck County and North Carolina.


Currituck County Commercial Real Estate Property Listing Service

The Currituck County Economic Development recently announced a new Commercial Real Estate Property Listing Service now available for property seekers and sellers. The service collects, confirms, and combines property data from several listing databases into one – so you don’t have to.

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