Currituck's Economic Vision: Targeting industries and incentives to fit our Community


Currituck County Outer BanksThe Currituck County Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) is currently developing an “Economic Vision” for Currituck County. The purpose of establishing an “Economic Vision” is to provide community-validated guidance on the types of industries and businesses that best fit in a given area of the County, and represent the long term goals of job creation and investment of the Currituck County Board of Commissioners.

The “Economic Vision” effort represents the first step in evaluating and proposing updates to Currituck County’s Economic Development Incentive policy and is being done at the request of the Board of Commissioners.

The resulting final “Vision” document is intended to work in concert with the County Land Use Plan, Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), and a future County Incentive & Investment Policy. Each of these policies and plans will then work together with the goal of guiding future investment and incentive decisions within Currituck County.

Once approved, the “Economic Vision” document will be translated into representative policy setting an application process, minimum requirements, targeted industries and targeted areas for the provision of incentives by the Board of Commissioners to spur job creation and investment by existing Currituck businesses or industries relocating to Currituck.

Additional Resources:  Currituck County Zoning Map | Land Use Plan | LUP Map | UDO Website


Community Meetings

The Currituck County EDAB has scheduled the following Community Meetings to discuss our initial vision statements for the various areas of the County and obtain feedback about the specific industries, challenges and opportunities for each Community:

  • Saturday, March 12, Corolla Public Library, 2-4 pm (Complete)

  • Monday, March 28th, Moyock Baptist Church, 6-8 pm (Complete - View Presentation)

  • Tuesday, March 29th, Cooperative Extension Center Conference Room, 6-8 pm (Complete - View Presentation)

  • Wednesday, March 30th, Mount Zion Methodist Church, Grandy, 6-8 pm(Complete - View Presentation)

  • Tuesday, April 5th, Waterlilly Fire Department, 6-8 pm (Complete - Tuesday, April 5th, Waterlilly Fire Department, 6-8 pm (Complete - View Presentation)

Please plan on attending the appropriate meeting for your community or business location. We look forward to a healthy dialogue on the best industries and opportunities to target to ensure long-term, sustainable job growth throughout Currituck County.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to provide comments in lieu of attendance at any one of these meetings, please contact the Currituck County Economic Development Advisory Board via email at or contact Peter Bishop, Director of Economic Development, at or 252-232-6015.