Bid Opportunities in Currituck County

Currituck County is home to a growing number of contracting opportunities resulting from a recent increase in business expansion, corporate relocations, and new business starting up in the area.
These new businesses represent a wide variety of industries and service sectors, ensuring that contract opportunities exist for providers of goods, services, and professional services, as well as traditional construction projects.

For Businesses and Contractors

Opportunity Alerts
Find out about new bid opportunities arising from this new trend in business expansion by contacting Economic Development Director Larry Lombardi at or (252) 232-6015.

For County Employees

Submit a Bid Opportunity
Currituck County is home to service providers with the skills and experience to meet any requirement, from plucky startup to global business expansion.

Finding the right partner for your project is as easy as completing a simple form and attaching your Word or PDF document. Most bid opportunities will be posted and distributed to our mailing list within 24 hours.

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