5 Reasons to Choose Regional Airports for Business

choose-regional-airportsWhen it comes to choosing the right airport for your business’s air transportation needs, often times less is more. The less cost, time, and aggravation it takes to move your products and people, the better. Consider the following reasons businesses that rely on air transportation choose regional airports:

1. Fuel prices

Did you know aviation fuel prices vary not only by region, but also by airport? The costs of doing business at smaller, regional airports enables carriers to feature lower fuel prices than major hub airports. Lower fuel costs mean lower distribution costs for businesses who utilize air transportation as the quickest method to get their products to market.

2. Parking costs

Many regional airports like ONX in Currituck County, NC offer free parking within feet of the airport entrance. For businesses who require their employees to travel, eliminating thousands of dollars in annual parking costs is a welcomed cost savings.

3. Transportation costs

Most regional airports are conveniently located near major highways, but not near major metropolitan areas. These convenient locations often eliminate costly tolls, fees, traffic jams and other significant transportation expenses that add up for businesses bearing the costs.

4. In-and-out time

Regional airports are smaller, serve fewer passengers, and therefore have smaller lines for check in, security, amenities, and everything else. Many travelers using a regional airport for the first time are astounded to park right out front, pass through security, walk to their gate, and board their plane within 20 minutes. Imagine trying to achieve that at LAX, O’Hare or in Atlanta? Employees spending less time traveling and more time working means additional savings for businesses using regional airports to transport their employees.

5. Friendlier experience

Your employees will appreciate settling into their seats without feeling like they’ve been through a battlefield of traffic, rude and busy staff, long lines, expenses, and extra stress to get there. Special amenities at regional airports like ONX include localized catering options, a pilot’s lounge with free WiFi in the terminal, free and convenient parking options, business conference rooms, DirectTV, and available courtesy vehicles.

For businesses that depend on air transportation, the costs of using major airport hubs can add up fast. Businesses and private airplane owners save big, and they get in and out quickly. Choose a regional airport like Currituck County Airport for an enjoyable, less expensive, more convenient way to fly.


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Thinking Currituck Five Reasons

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