Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Agent with Skills You Already Have

becoming-a-commercial-real-estate-agentNo matter what you might have heard, there really isn't any sort of magic formula involved in becoming a successful commercial real estate agent. It is not based on inheriting certain genetic traits, luck, or even being in the right place at the right time. While all of these factors may help in some small way, the process of building a successful real estate business is really not much different than the skill set needed for achieving success in most other professions. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many of the skills you currently utilize in your present occupation can be invaluable in the field of commercial real estate. 

A Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent is a Devoted Student of the Market

In any profession, becoming successful means understanding the nature of the business, inside and out. Not only must you know every detail about the product or service your business offers, but you have to also understand what the customer wants and what benefits they hope to attain in their own lives by partaking of your offerings. 

Successfully selling a parcel of commercial real estate can be as simple as learning all there is to know about the properties in your market area. Researching the details of their history, including past owners, damages, repairs, permits, code violations and taxation can help the agent begin the process of matching the properties with potential buyers, and gaining a sale. Learn how to find commercial properties for sale using creative methods. 

The Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent Understands How Specializing Can Influence Market Share 

Just as doctors often specialize in one certain field of medicine, many successful commercial real estate agents have found that choosing to focus on just one area of the market can help grow their business. Coupled with thorough research, specializing in one segment of the commercial real estate market allows the agent to become the local expert for certain types of properties, the "go to agent" that people will remember. 

The Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent Understands the Power of Networking

While traditional marketing is still an important part of success in any real estate profession, the constantly changing landscape of social media has become part of daily life for most people. Just as a social media presence is helpful in many career fields, today, it can also be an excellent way for commercial real estate agents to keep their finger on the pulse of the local market where they work. 

Social media venues allow the intuitive agent to instantly present their available offerings to more prospective buyers than ever before. In addition, they will also be able to utilize it as a network to put them in touch with prospective sellers. Just as you build an image in a traditional career path, the commercial real estate agent can use these tools to build their brand, and increase name recognition. 

Do You Have What It Takes?

Chances are, you are already using many skills in your present business that could help you succeed in commercial real estate. Education, networking, passion and drive are the key elements to succeed in any business, including that of a successful commercial real estate agent.


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