What the Best Business Sites for Aerospace Companies Have in Common

aerospace companies thrive in Currituck CountyWhen aerospace companies look for a new location to set up business, what do they look for? Check out this list courtesy of Currituck County Economic Development, North Carolina.

Military Connections

For years, the military and aerospace business have been linked. The reason? A wide range of similarities between the business of protecting our county and working effectively in space. Currituck County, North Carolina, has the advantage of offering close proximity to multiple military installations both in North Carolina and neighboring Virginia. Nearby is the Elizabeth City Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center, where every plane in the USCG fleet gets maintenance/overhaul.

There are over 100,000 active-duty & reserve personnel and 40,000+ civilian employees of the military in our region. Further, the region transitions thousands of retiring servicemen, predominantly with training in maintenance, repair and transportation an ideal fit for the aerospace industry.

Aerospace companies can tap a work force that draws from these military groups, as well as aviation-based and technical-based private and government employees. Included in this workforce are retired military and their spouses who often look to put down roots in Currituck because of the great weather, tax advantages and varied employment.

An Educated Workforce

Engineers, project managers and IT specialists are all needed in the aerospace sector. They’re the minds that make the company run. Luckily, North Carolina and Currituck County have a wealth of bright minds ready to work.

Aerospace companies will find many colleges and universities in the area that graduate 14,000 new workers each year. Some of the universities in the area, such as Old Dominion University, the College of William & Mary, and East Carolina University offer engineering and science degrees. These well-trained graduates and workers come from a variety of backgrounds and will be an asset to any aerospace businesses.

Training Facilities

Trained workers that aerospace companies can draw from are also a huge advantage. Currituck County, along with The College of the Albemarle, offers an aviation program that been developed to certify participants in the FAA Part 147 Airframe and Powerplant curriculum.

This Aviation Training Center adds great value to businesses in Currituck County and is a crown jewel in the growth in the aviation maintenance sector. The College of the Albemarle also offers custom designed training for local industries.

The college’s aviation training center is located on the 600+ acre campus of the Currituck Community Park. The park features business and industrial development sites, the Outer Banks’ primary airport, NC State extension services and and recreation—all on a convenient campus.

In addition, cutting edge and industry leading Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) training is offered at Academi and Hyde Test Site.

Proximity to Airports and Landing Strips

Having strong, diverse airports and aviation infrastructure, especially those with available land and capable facilities, are critical to aerospace business. In Currituck the aviation industry will find a wide range of airport facilities to meet their needs.

The Currituck Regional Airport, owned and operated by Currituck County, is a Corporate & General Aviation airport that is open to the public, located approximately 40 miles south of the Norfolk, Virginia and 20 miles northeast of Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

Boasting affordable development sites with direct tarmac access and on-site training at the adjacent Aviation Training Center, Currituck Regional Airport offers aerospace companies a location with built in value-added.

Currituck also has a number of other domestic airports within driving distance including:

  • Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, Newport News, Virginia
  • Pitt-Greenville Airport, Greenville, North Carolina
  • Richmond International Airport, Richmond, Virginia
  • Chesapeake Regional Airport, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Hampton Roads Executive Airport, Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Suffolk Executive Airport, Suffolk, Virginia

In addition, the College of the Albemarle Aviation Training Center conveniently located next to the Currituck Regional Airport. The center includes four aviation labs, a hangar, four classrooms and a library. Students can pull planes up on the apron and into the building to learn how to make repairs.

Source: Travelmath.com

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