Commercial Real Estate Blogs to Read in 2015

Commercial real estate blogs 2015In 2013, I launched the commercial real estate blog as part of the economic development efforts for Currituck County. It’s been great fun for me, but I can’t take all the credit. There are many bloggers out there who have inspired me and informed my perspective.


Here are a few I read regularly. 


By the way, I’m still looking for a commercial real estate blog with a good rural focus, so if you know of one, please leave a link in the comments.


The Tenant Advisor

Coy Davidson of Colliers International, a long-time blogger with a business and personal perspective.


Duke Long

The broker/owner of The Duke Long Agency. This guy has opinions and he’s not shy about sharing them on his must-read commercial real estate blog. 


Urban Land Institute

A worldwide perspective on all issues surrounding development, sustainability, and more. In particular, keep an eye out for their market trends reports.


Brookings Institute

Excellent research-based blogging on topics that impact commercial real estate ranging from job numbers, energy and climate, technology, and breaking news.


Location Advice

Location advice for California businesses from Allen C. Buchanan. Despite the focus on site selection for a specific region, the ideas and advice are applicable to a wider commercial real estate audience.


CRE Outsider

Tech news and trends for the commercial real estate industry with a side of humor. Also good source for sales and marketing tips.


A Student of the Real Estate Game

A very personal perspective on the real estate industry from “young entrepreneur” Joe Stampone, which makes for an engaging read.


Retail Prophet

Retail is always a hot sector for commercial real estate. This blog helps you keep an eye on the macro trends for retail.


The Broker List

A mashup of articles from contributors with diverse experience and interests means I can always lose an hour or two on this commercial real estate blog.


CRE Buzz

Ok, you got me. This one is not a blog. It’s part industry community and part news aggregator. Always something interesting.


Did I miss any of your favorite commercial real estate blogs or do you write one? Leave a link in the comments section or let us know HERE.

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