Commercial Realty: Tools and Apps for the Mobile Office

tools_and_apps_for_commercial_realtyIf you are a commercial realty professional, you know what it's like to spend hours in your car returning calls and travelling to appointments. With the technology available to realtors, it is easier to get work done while on the road and maximize time spent out of the office. To stay competitive as a commercial realtor, it's important to keep up with new innovations and use the tools available that make the job easier. Thinking of becoming a commercial real estate agent?

Tablet and Smart Phone 
This probably goes without saying, but the flexibility, usability, and functionality of these mobile tools just can’t be beat. Whether you choose Apple products, or another brand, having a tablet and smart phone at your disposal are essential for any professional that is out on the road frequently. You can return calls and emails in an instant with these devices, and what was once considered a luxury is now essential to remain competitive.

CoStarGo Mobile Application 
CoStarGo is a great app for commercial realty, and it is a free download for the iPad. This is an add-on application for real estate professionals who are already using CoStar professional products. The app provides detailed information on spaces for lease, area properties for sale, comps, and tenant information. This large database of information is constantly updated and crucial for the commercial realty professional to have instant access to.

Loopnet Mobile Application
Loopnet is another app that allows users to search thousands of listings, both locally and nationally. Though the app is downloadable on both Android and Apple platforms, there is also a mobile site that can be used without downloading the app. Loopnet requires a subscription for unlimited access to their listings, but shares promoted listings for free.

RCA Commercial Property Search
The RCA Commercial Property Search application is available for the iPad and provides global information on real estate transactions. Users must subscribe to the RCA Analytics database for up-to-date information. When your commercial realty business spans the world, this app will give you relevant information on comps, parties involved, price and transaction type.

Trend Tracker
Trend Tracker is another application from RCA to use for real estate analytics. This is an in-depth tool to study marketing strategies, business potential for growth and the real estate market throughout the world. Highly customizable, this application allows users to set up their own parameters and test out business theories. The trend tracker software is also used to predict trends in the real estate market, in addition to tracking.

Technology is here to stay and it’s up to the users to decide what is useful and what is not. Embracing these digital tools can offer real estate agents a competitive advantage, when used creatively. Apps can expedite sales by instantly providing information about a space or property. And, of course, it helps to have a navigation app to guide you through unfamiliar areas and keep you from getting lost. For accuracy, you always want to make sure you research property values.

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