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Available_Commercial_Space-1Why Brokerages in Hampton Roads Need a N.C.-licensed Broker.

Depending on where you begin within Hampton Roads, North Carolina is either a short - or very short - distance nearby. Considering the rapid growth, available commercial space and development that is underway in Currituck County and across the northeastern region of North Carolina, Hampton Roads-based real estate brokerages that don’t have a N.C.-licensed broker on staff may be facing a competitive disadvantage. 


Currituck County has a wide range of available commercial space, and many attractive incentives for commercial real estate investment. It’s time for realtors to be casting a wider net when exploring site options with their commercial clients, and include northeastern North Carolina in their searches. 


The Benefits of Choosing Real Estate in Currituck County, N.C.

Currituck County’s corporate tax rates are lower than Virginia’s (starting in 2015) at a rate of 5%, and property is assessed at the low rate of only 48 cents per $100 of valuation. In addition, the state and Currituck County offer many business incentives to entice businesses to consider available commercial space here. 


Incentive Programs. The North Carolina Department of Commerce provides several programs to assist diverse business needs including:

  • Job Development Investment Grants refund employees’ withholding taxes
  • The One North Carolina Fund helps to spur investment and job growth in high value-added, knowledge-driven industries by offering cash grants for items like: 
    • Installation or purchase of equipment.
    • Structural repairs, improvements, or renovations of existing buildings to be used for expansion.
    • Construction of or improvements to new or existing water, sewer, gas or electric utility distribution lines, or equipment for existing buildings.
  • Workforce Training Programs and Reimbursements that include free, customized job training for businesses experiencing job growth
  • Tax Credit Programs contribute to the business environment that has placed North Carolina as one of the best states for business on the east coast in a several leading national news publications.


Skilled Labor. 
Currituck County also offers a rich laborshed, lending itself to the large array of industries. From tourism and local small business to defense contracting and aerospace engineering, we have the resources to help your business grow. The region’s strong military presence provides a constant supply of technically-skilled transitioning servicemen. Combined with the area’s numerous colleges and universities, Currituck County represents an exceptional resource for new talent.


Convenience and Transportation Infrastructure. Northeastern North Carolina is home to airports, interstate roadways, and seaports that make delivery and travel throughout the mid-Atlantic region easy.


Quality of Life. Our coastal location in North Carolina is the perfect environment for both weather and business, with proximity to metropolitan Hampton Roads, the Outer Banks, beaches, clear blue skies, fresh air and soothing quiet.


Types of Available Commercial Space in Currituck County

Currituck County’s largely rural landscape offers the ideal combination of affordable land, abundant space, comprehensive transportation and utility infrastructure, and development policies in place to encourage and support growth.


There is available commercial space here to appeal to a wide range of businesses and developers. In earlier blog posts on this site, we have explored the unique needs and opportunities for some of these commercial real estate clients, including:


Find out if Currituck County has the ideal available commercial space for your real estate client, and if they can qualify for the business incentives that make northeastern North Carolina a great place to expand or relocate their business. Visit us today at ThinkCurrituck.


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