Compelling Reasons to Consider Commercial Property Sites in North Carolina.

There are many factors to consider when selecting commercial property sites. But, as in most real estate transactions, the old adage generally rings true: location! Where your business is located can be a boon or bust for its future.


It’s no mistake that North Carolina is regularly named as one of the most business friendly states in America. Low taxes, a skilled and accessible workforce, high quality of life, and streamlined regulations and permitting continue to favor businesses that relocate to the Tar Heel state. Let’s take a look at the wide range of choices when you consider commercial property sites in North Carolina.



Commercial_Property_Sites-1Starting with the 16th largest and 9th fastest-growing city in America, Charlotte is the 4th most cost- friendly business location in the nation. Centrally located between New York and Miaimi, Charlotte is within one to two days shipping time to 29 of the 51 metropolitan markets in the U.S. with more than 1 million in population [source:]. Accessible by an efficient highway and rail system, Charlotte is also home to the 25th busiest airport in the world.


Research Triangle.

At the unique cross-section of industry, government, and higher education, the research triangle region is thriving. The state capital, Raleigh, was named the 2015 fourth fastest growing city in America by Forbes, with an anticipated increase in population of more than 2% (34,000 people) in 2015. The region produces thousands of well-trained workers from such institutions as Duke, University of North Carolina, NC State, and Wake Forest and is home to some of the leading advanced businesses in the nation.


Western Carolina.

Business development incentives are well-coordinated in western North Carolina communities. Colleges like Western Carolina University, Appalachian State, and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College form a pipeline of skilled and well-trained workers who stay in the area. Technology incubators and business training programs like the Smoky Mountain Small Business and Industry Center, The Center for Rapid Product Realization, AdvantageWest, and The BioNetwork BioBusiness Center all provide resources necessary to build successful businesses in the region. [Source:]


Coastal Carolina.

Featuring access to three deep water ports at Wilmington, Morehead City, and the Port of Virginia, multiple private airports, the region's lowest business tax rate for personal, business and real property, a wide range of job development and tax credit programs, and a reliable flow of workers from local colleges, universities, and multiple military bases, why look anywhere else? Three hundred miles of the nation’s most beautiful beaches, a warm climate, and a burgeoning tourism sector make Coastal Carolina an attractive location for your commercial property site.


We’re doing something right in North Carolina, as our workers are 36% more productive than the average American worker [source:]. Whether your business would benefit from our growing urban centers or from the natural and technical resources of the western, central or coastal region, the hardest decision for locating your next commercial property site is not if North Carolina, but where in North Carolina. 


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