Currituck County’s Free Commercial Real Estate Listing Service

iStock_76270619_SMALL.jpgIn the commercial real estate market, buyers and sellers both want the same thing: visibility. Sellers want to find websites that will draw the most eyeballs to their property, while buyers want one place to go to find what they’re looking for. If you’re interested in Currituck County, NC, you’re in luck.

The Currituck County Economic Development Department has a free commercial real estate listing service, and it’s the most comprehensive tool of its kind serving the area.

Whether you’re looking to sell or lease your commercial real estate, Currituck County’s commercial real estate listing service will help. This service enables you to list your warehouse, undeveloped land, retail or industrial space, agricultural property, or office building completely free of charge.

Interested parties can sort the listings by each of these categories, which means that your property is getting in front of the people who are truly interested. Users of the service can also search properties for lease or for sale, another way to ensure your property is being seen by the right people.

For buyers or leasers, they can stop wasting hours on the internet, scrolling through properties they’re not interested in. With this free commercial real estate listing service, the user is in charge. They don’t have to go to any other real estate site - this is the most comprehensive commercial property listing service in Currituck County, and they only see properties that match their criteria.

Who should use this service?

  • You’re a farmer, and after years of turning crops you realize your farm would be most profitable by parceling off some of the land and selling it. 
  • You’ve listed your property on MLS, but you’re not getting the inquiry volume you’d like. 
  • You are very specific about what property you’re looking for, but you're tired of scrolling through endless real estate sites that don’t have what you’re looking for. Finding a warehouse for lease in Currituck County is no longer a needle in the haystack.
  • You’re a commercial real estate broker in the area and want to be sure you see all properties available in Currituck County that might be of interest to your clients.

The Currituck County Economic Development Department has the answer for buyers and sellers alike. Visiting our free commercial real estate listing service is a must for anyone interested in commercial real estate in Currituck County.

Check it out today!

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