Why The Defense Corridor Matters to Your Commercial Real Estate Search


Businesses in the defense, aviation and aerospace industries facing a commercial real estate search should consider locations within the Mid-Atlantic Defense and Aviation Corridor

Rich in business resources and with close proximity to university and research programs, this area presents an ideal environment for growing and forging new partnerships within this dynamic industry.


What is the “Mid-Atlantic Defense and Aviation Corridor”?

Located in the region of coastal southern Virginia and northern North Carolina – from Newport News, Va. to Cherry Point, N.C. – a concentrated cluster of aviation and defense-related businesses offer opportunities for growth, development and partnerships within this industry.

Businesses within the defense and aviation industries benefit from conducting their commercial real estate search within this corridor, which offers an environment inundated with related military and federal government facilities, university and research programs, and related feeder companies – as well as an extensive transportation infrastructure. 

Military and Government Facilities

U. S. Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City – Elizabeth City, N.C.

Naval Air Station Oceana – Virginia Beach

Naval Station Norfolk – Norfolk, Va.

Joint Base Langley-Eustis – Hampton and Newport News, Va.

NASA Langley Research Center– Hampton, Va.

NASA Wallops Flight Facility – Wallops Island, Va.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point– Cherry Point, N.C.

University and Research Programs

Regional Aviation and Technical Training Center: The College of The Albemarle 

Elizabeth City State University – Elizabeth City, N.C.

East Carolina University - Greenville, N.C.

Old Dominion University  - Norfolk, Va.

College of William and Mary 
- Williamsburg, Va.

Norfolk State University 
- Norfolk, Va.

Regent University 
- Virginia Beach, Va.

Virginia Wesleyan College 
- Norfolk, Va.

Hampton University 
- Hampton, Va.

Eastern Virginia Medical School- Norfolk, Va.

Feeder Companies

Academi – Currituck County, N.C.

DRS Technologies – Elizabeth City, N.C.

TCOM - Elizabeth City, N.C.

Telephonics Corp. – Elizabeth City, N.C.

Alcoa Howmet – Hampton, Va.

Lockheed Martin – Chesapeake and Suffolk, Va.

Raytheon Technical Services Company – Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Suffolk, Va.

Transportation Infrastructure


Currituck Regional Airport

Norfolk International Airport


The Port of Virginia

The Intracoastal Waterway


Direct connections to two Class I rail carriers at the Port of Virginia Norfolk Southern (Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor)

CSX (the CSX Crescent Corridor)


Routes I-64 and I-95 are major delivery and commuter routes for the entire East Coast

Unique Business Opportunities

In addition to partnership and knowledge-sharing opportunities, conducting your commercial real estate search in the Mid-Atlantic Defense and Aviation Corridor presents numerous business-friendly incentives.

Currituck County, N.C. boasts one of the lowest tax burdens for personal, business and real property in North Carolina (and far lower than those in neighboring cities of Virginia). In addition, Currituck County offers new and expanding businesses vast incentives and resources for development, from machinery and sales tax relief, to custom workforce training programs and reimbursements, to grants that offset investments. 

Defense and aerospace industry businesses often require a large amount of space for buildings and test facilities. The region has a wide variety of available buildings, land and area developments to consider for your commercial real estate search.

Specialized Labor Pool

Veterans, families of veterans, and recent graduates are just some of the specialized and skilled labor pool that the Mid-Atlantic Defense and Aviation Corridor has to offer.

In fact, the region hosts more than 100,000 active-duty and reserve personnel, and 40,000 civilian employees of the military. With this strong military presence in the area, employers can draw from job applicants who have training in many different technical fields and who have opted to stay in our region. In addition, graduates from the region’s many colleges and universities offer a constantly renewing source of educated labor.

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