How to Find the Work Force to Suit Your Business in Currituck County

An experienced and well-trained work force is crucial to any successful business. When companies expand or locate to a new area, they always consider the availability of a strong pool of potential employees. Currituck County, North Carolina enjoys the benefits of a wide variety of potential applicants to suit most businesses.

In addition, North Carolina workers are 36% more productive than the average U.S. worker. We like to think it is because of the winning combination of weather, low taxes and job satisfaction!

Here are some resources to help you find the work force you need for your business in Currituck County:

Look at Local Colleges and Universities

find a work force in currituck county

With many top-notch colleges and universities in the area, an educated work force is readily available. Graduating approximately 14,000 new workers each year, these higher learning institutions provide a knowledgeable and willing work force.

Check Out the Military Presence

With a strong military history in the area, employers can also draw from job applicants who have training in many different technical fields. Many military retirees, spouses and civilian contractors have opted to stay in our region. These skilled and specialty workers can constitute a valuable asset to any business that chooses to locate in the area.

Tap into Executives and Retirees in the Area

The sunny climate and friendly business atmosphere in this growing region also attracts upper level management and executives with crucial experience, many in manufacturing and knowledge-based sectors. They come here to work or retire, and end up enriching our work force.

Leverage Internet Resources

North Carolina maintains JobLink Career Centers all over the state which help businesses recruit, interview and hire new workers. These centers also offer other services including helpful workshops on a variety of topics for both employers and employees. Many companies take advantage of these and other work force development programs run by the state.

There Are Also Other Resources You Can Use

Here are just some of the helpful links we found:

With a pro-business labor environment, minimal unionization and willing workers who make up our work force, Currituck County is a good move for many businesses looking to move or expand on the East Coast.

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