Why Currituck is a Great Industrial Real Estate Destination

Location, infrastructure and a friendly business climate make Currituck a prime choice for business relocation.

Currituck County is quickly gaining a reputation as a top industrial real estate destination in the Hampton Roads area and beyond. There are several reasons why Currituck County merits consideration in the site selection process, including a prime location, a strong infrastructure and a friendly business climate.

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1. Ideal East Coast Location

Currituck benefits from close proximity and easy drive times to population centers including Chesapeake, Norfolk and Virginia Beach to the North via NC-VA 168 / Chesapeake Expressway, as well as western points and southern beaches via US 158. Major connectors and interstates US 664, 264, 64 and even I-95 are all within a short and scenic drive, providing ideal accessibility to Norfolk International Airport and the Port of Virginia.

 2. Built for Industrial Real Estate

Currituck County is already built with many of the features and amenities that are viewed as highly desirable when scouting industrial real estate sites. The country’s roughly 530-square-mile geographic footprint is just about evenly split between land and water, including the Currituck Sound. This offers a variety of available sites with the option of being conveniently located near or on the waterfront.

With a county with such a high percentage of its area either underwater or beside it, there are often transportation challenges. But that’s not the case with Currituck County, which boasts a strong road and rail system that offers a direct connection to the Port of Virginia via the Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad. The transportation system looks to be bolstered by a proposed 7-mile Mid-Currituck Bridge connecting NC 12 in the Outer Banks with US 158 in Currituck.

3. People Who Want Your Business

Currituck County has built a reputation as having a business community and governmental agencies that are amenable and easy to work with. This includes a history of streamlined zoning request procedures that make sensible zoning changes simple.

Currituck’s approximately 25,000 residents provide a willing and able pool of labor that can easily be supplemented by a large concentration of skilled former military personnel seeking civilian employment. Many of these workers make the easy 30-minute from Hampton Road, which boasts a one-million-strong workforce.

With guidance provided by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, Currituck utility providers include Eastern North Carolina Gas, Piedmont Natural Gas and Dominion NC Power, which regularly partners with relocating businesses to ensure the necessary services are available to enable operations to flourish in their new home. This is complemented by a growing number of alternative energy options, including wind turbine farms and solar energy initiatives.

Overview of Doing Business in Currituck


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