5 Reasons Hiring NC Veterans Makes Good Business Sense (INFOGRAPHIC)

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We all have great admiration for the women and men who choose to serve their country as members of the military. We never miss an opportunity to thank them for their service and are quick to show our support whenever and however we can. 

But what happens after they take off that uniform to put on a set of “civvies?”

Finding employment is one of the first challenges that transitioning service members face. Trading in camo for khakis can be a daunting prospect, as is suddenly going from a steady paycheck to nothing.

Men and women moving from the military to civilian life face an uphill battle, unless they can find an employer who understands their value and knows that their experience provides a unique business advantage.

The benefits to hiring veterans are endless.

Each and every one of them went through boot camp and were trained in a specific job to gain a unique set of skills. In as little as 8 weeks (the average length of boot camp), an American service member has already developed more discipline, attention-to-detail, and drive than many of their civilian counterparts. Veterans learn how to carry themselves with confidence and how to move with a purpose. Those qualities can make a world of difference in a civilian workplace. 

Whether they’ve just left boot camp, are enrolled in their specific training school, or at a duty station, military members never stop learning. There are always more qualifications to be attained, more certifications and achievements to unlock. This thirst for knowledge is ingrained into the minds of servicemen and women. It becomes part of their DNA.

What's the bottom line? You want veterans on your team. 

Chris Cortez, vice president of military affairs at Microsoft and a former major general in the United States Marine Corps, once said, “Training and hiring veterans contributes to the health of a company by adding to its diverse and inclusive culture. Veterans embody diversity and we want veterans to come work with us at Microsoft. We believe it’s critical to have a diverse employee base that leads innovation and new ways of thinking.”

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5 Reason Hiring NC Veterans Makes Good Business Sense - INFOGRAPHIC


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