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North Carolina consists of three main geographic regions: the eastern Coastal Region; the central Piedmont Region, and the western Mountain Region. In between the world famous beaches that greet the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains along the border with Tennessee, you'll find an incredible variety of land types.

Searching online yields a massive list of results including raw commercial land, hunting land, farming land, forest land and a wide selection of residential and recreational land. The inventory of each site can vary, so the best online results will come from browsing a mix of the leading real estate websites.

We've saved you a few steps by compiling a list of the top ten websites where you can find the acreage you need in North Carolina. You can also find recommendations about extra content and searchability.

Happy hunting! Or farming. Or foresting.

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Lands of America

Lands of America is a CoStar company, so you get a pretty robust listing engine on this site. Individual property listings come with lots of photos, maps and the occasional video. 

Click on the header where it says "More" to unlock an impressive archive of content for land buyers, land sellers and land owners. Some of the most popular articles include "The A to Z of Land Uses: Understanding land Use Specifics," "What You Need to Know About Mineral and Surface Rights on Your Land," and "Top Questions to Ask When Buying Land."

Lands of America are also the publishers of a gorgeous magazine called, appropriately enough, LAND.

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LandWatch is also CoStar company, so you get all the perks mentioned in the Lands of America entry. The site also provides a wide variety of rural properties and land for sale, including hunting land, timberland, farms for sale, ranches for sale, development sites and homesites for vacation, recreation, or investment purposes.

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Land and Farm

Another partner in the CoStar network, but no fancy stuff here. Land and Farm delivers a selection of listings with the usual filters and sorting options. Just click the boxes if you want to see something really specific like organic farms, orchards, vegetable farms or vineyards.

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It's no surprise that the online king of real estate listings has the most user-friendly interface for finding land for sale in North Carolina. You can scroll around on a map of the state or browse and sort through the list format. Not much offered in terms of added content, but the look and functionality is second to none.

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LANDFLIP offers a straightforward collection of land listings with the usual bells and whistles.

From the website: "LANDFLIP has $378.21 million of land for sale in North Carolina with a median listing price of $145,000 or an average of $5,152 per acre. The total acreage of North Carolina land for sale is 73,410 acres with an average listing size of 74 acres."

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Mossy Oak Properties

Wide selection of listings for land in North Carolina, easily searchable by county with one click. But the real value of this site is a treasure trove of content dealing with land management for hunting. Check out the blog for insightful posts such as "Tree Planting for Wildlife: 3 Things You Need to Know," "Managing Small Acreage for Wildlife," and "Managing Small Properties for Deer."

The site also offers a quick link to videos that showcase available properties and there's even a newsletter signup so you can stay in the loop.

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Land Century

Standard listings of available land in North Carolina, sortable by type, size and price. But where this site really stands out is the great resource section that includes helpful articles on a variety of real estate and land buying topics.

A few posts worth mentioning: "Why Investing in Land is One of the Best Decisions During Recessions," "Guide to Clearing Land: Cost and Options to Consider," and "Unrestricted Land: What Does it Really Mean?"

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Land Hub

This site includes a straightforward collection of land types for sale in North Carolina. But it's definitely worth checking out their deep collection of resources, which includes helpful articles for both buyers and sellers of land. 

Sellers can read: "A Quick Guide For Using Drones To Sell Your Property," "Why You Should Get A Land Survey," "3 Tips For Pricing Land For Sale," and "What to Know About Selling Inherited Land."

Buyers will want to check out: "Land Loans vs. Traditional Mortgages: What’s the Difference?," "Why Forest Land is a Good Investment," and "3 Major Factors That Determine Land Value."

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FARMFLIP is part of the same family of companies that includes LandFlip. The website includes a variety of listings of North Carolina land types in addition to farms.

From the website: "FARMFLIP has $314.44 million of farms for sale in North Carolina with a median listing price of $244,800 or an average of $4,394 per acre. The total acreage of North Carolina farms for sale is 71,560 acres with an average listing size of 120 acres. Beaufort County, Robeson County, Hyde County, Columbus County and Chatham County have the most farm for sale listings while hunting farms, waterfront farms, timber farms, recreational farms and mountain farms represent the most popular North Carolina farm types and uses."

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Carolina Forestry

This site specializes in listings for farms, timberland, hunting and recreational land. They also provide a variety of services above and beyond for land buyers and sellers.

Here's some info from their website: "Carolina Forestry is a privately owned consulting forestry and real estate company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Working with private landowners in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, Carolina Forestry offers timber management services (including timber sales, forestry management, forestry investment analysis, pulpwood thinnings, GIS mapping and reforestation) and land marketing services."


If you're looking for commercial sites and land, either raw or certified and shovel-ready, check out the Available Sites and Property tool from the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) as well as the Available Properties for Currituck County, NC. 

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top north carolina counties by land area

Top 10 North Carolina Counties by Land Area 

Here are the 10 North Carolina counties with the most land area.

  1. Robeson County - 949.22 square miles
  2. Sampson County - 944.74 square miles
  3. Columbus County - 937.29 square miles
  4. Bladen County - 874.33 square miles
  5. Pender County - 869.79 square miles
  6. Brunswick County - 846.97 square miles
  7. Wake County - 835.22 square miles
  8. Beaufort County - 827.19 square miles
  9. Duplin County - 816.22 square miles
  10. Johnston County - 791.30 square miles

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10 Facts About North Carolina Geography 

As featured on

  1. North Carolina is 500 miles long and 150 miles wide.
  2. North Carolina is bordered by Virginia on the north, by South Carolina and Georgia on the south, by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and in the west by Tennessee.
  3. North Carolina covers 53,821 square miles, making it the 28th largest state.
  4. 48,708 square miles of North Carolina are land areas.
  5. 5,103 square miles of North Carolina are covered by water.
  6. The highest point in North Carolina is Mount Mitchell at 6,684 feet above sea level.
  7. The lowest point in North Carolina is at the shore where North Carolina meets the Atlantic Ocean, sea level.
  8. The Mean Elevation of the state of North Carolina is 700 feet above sea level.
  9. Major rivers in North Carolina include the Neuse River, the Roanoke River, and the Yadkin River.
  10. North Carolina's major lakes include Lake Mattamuskeet, Lake Phelps, and Lake Waccamaw.


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