Made in NC: A Guide to 11 Coastal Region North Carolina Wineries

Did you know that North Carolina is home to 525 vineyards and 186 wineries?

For a state with a long, agricultural history of soybeans, corn, tobacco, and sweet potatoes, you may be surprised to hear that North Carolina is also involved in the grape scene (and largely so!).

In fact, the Tar Heel State the only location in the world that grows every type of grape. That means—no matter which wine is your
favorite—you can find it being made in North Carolina.

Out of all the species and styles of grapes, North Carolina is most known for its official state fruit, the scuppernong, a variety of muscadines. These two words (muscadines and scuppernongs) have played a crucial role in North Carolina’s rich, agricultural heritage. The oldest grapevine, called the "Mother Vine," has been
producing muscadine grapes on the North Carolina coast since 1584!

So, whenever you enjoy a Carolina wine, it’s more than a drink. There’s always a bit of history in every glass.

NC Coastal Vineyards 1

A Secret Garden Winery
Pikeville, NC

There’s a good reason to call this vineyard “A Secret Garden Winery.” It all started in 2002, when the Hall family planted two types of grapes across the street from their home. These vines would soon bloom into a full-fledged family business.

The true secret to this winery is its authentic process of creation. All Secret Garden Wines are naturally fermented, free of any harsh chemicals or preservatives, and consist of a simple juice, water, and sugar recipe.

Address: 1008 Airport Road, Pikeville, NC 27863-9130
Phone: (919)734-2060


NC Coastal Vineyards 2

Bannerman Vineyards
Burgaw, NC

Bannerman Vineyards is one of North Carolina’s oldest muscadine grape vineyards. Located in the heart of Pender County, this family owned and operated business has been growing muscadines since 1973 with a focus on quality produce. In addition to grapes, the Bannermans use other fruit in their wines, which helps support other North Carolina-based farms.

Address: 2620 Stag Park Rd., Burgaw, NC 28542
Phone: (910)233-0103


NC Coastal Vineyards 3

Duplin Winery Rose Hill NC
Rose Hill, NC

Duplin Winery is the largest wine production facility on the East Coast, and they have several award winners in their lineup. Guests are invited to tour the facility, catch a firsthand glimpse of the production methods, and enjoy a thorough taste-testing experience. The entire adventure at Duplin Winery is educational and fun; teaching its participants how to capture all the nuances of wine sampling.

Address: 505 N.Sycamore Street, Rose Hill, NC 28458
Phone: (910)289-3888


NC Coastal Vineyards 4

Grapefull Sisters Vineyard
Tabor City, NC

In 2004, after 9 generations as a tobacco farm, this plot of land was transformed into The Grapefull Sisters Vineyard. Now, after almost 20 years as a vineyard, Grapefull Sisters is known for it’s serene views and peaceful atmosphere, but don’t let the tranquility fool you...There’s a ton of work being done on the farm! The vineyard grows multiple varieties of muscadines including carlos, magnolia,
scuppernong, and nesbitt. Plus, the owners of the farm entertain overnight guests thanks to AirBnB.

Address: 4903 Ramsey Ford Road, Tabor City, NC 28463
Phone: (910)653-2944


NC Coastal Vineyards 5

Gregory Farms and Vineyards
Currie, NC

Before Gregory Farms was a grape vineyard, it was busy bearing a different fruit—blueberries... 113 acres of them! Fast forward to 2012, and the family has added 138 more acres of land and a small vineyard to boot. Nowadays, the Gregory family opens up their land to the public for weddings, company picnics, family reunions, and anything else under the sun.

Address: 2576 Montague Rd., Currie 28435
Phone: (910)520-1971


NC Coastal Vineyards 6

Huffman Vineyards Winery
Richlands, NC

Huffman Vineyards provides crackers, meats, and cheeses in addition to their handcrafted wines and 25 varieties of grapes. Due to their support of the local restaurant industry, you’ll frequently spot local food trucks on their property for visitors to enjoy.

Address: 221 Haw Branch Road, Richlands, NC 28574
Phone: (910)324-3997


NC Coastal Vineyards 7

Lu Mil Vineyard & Cabins
Dublin, NC

Named for its late owners, Lucille and Miller Taylor, Lu Mil Vineyard & Cabins has long been a leader in the development of agricultural equipment. Their 78+ acres have been used to test several farming inventions over the years. Their penchant for ingenuity can also be seen in their variety of products, which includes wines, jellies, ciders, sauces, syrups, and more. These days, wine-lovers can rent a cabin on the property and have time to take it all in.

Address: 474 Suggs-Taylor Rd., Dublin, NC 28332
Phone: (910)866-5819


NC Coastal Vineyards 8

Noni Bacca Winery
Wilmington, NC

After reading this winery’s name, you probably guessed that the vineyard has some European connections, and you would be right. Ken and Toni Incorvaia have combined their Italian heritage with their wine-making skills to bring a unique offering to Wilmington, NC.

Recently, the winery has enjoyed positive buzz through the Wilmington film festival and their association with Robby Takac, singer of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Address: 420 Eastwood Rd #108, Wilmington, NC 28403
Phone: (910)397-7617


NC Coastal Vineyards 9

Sanctuary Vineyards
Jarvisburg, NC

Sanctuary Vineyards has a storied history, an unforgettable scenery, and a reputation of authenticity. Ten acres of grapes are set among hundreds more of farmland and wildlife in what the owners call “The Sanctuary.”

The Outer Banks is certainly an interesting place for a vineyard, with the weather always keep the farmers on their toes...As you can imagine, Sanctuary Vineyards has experienced its fair share of frozen winter snows, nor'easters, starry summer nights, and fierce hurricanes.

Nonetheless, the Sanctuary is doing just fine, and is recognizable to locals for its adjacency to the Cotton Gin and its landmark windmill that watches over the farmland.

Address: 6957 Caratoke Hwy, Jarvisburg, NC 27947
Phone: (252)491-2387


NC Coastal Vineyards 10

Silver Coast Winery
Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Everybody knows Carolina for its world famous BBQ, but as you can already tell, the state knows a great deal about wine production too. As it turns out, Silver Coast Winery managed to combine these two North Carolina favorites! This winery began as a barbecue restaurant and was later renovated into a grape farm in 2002.

Address: 6680 Barbeque Rd., Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469
Phone: (910)287-2800


NC Coastal Vineyards 11

The Country Squire Restaurant, Inn & Winery
Warsaw, NC

Scottish influences can be felt throughout the state of North Carolina, especially while enjoying a game of golf at Pinehurst. But did you know that the Scottish also brought with them their love for wine?

The Country Squire Winery is proud of their Scottish heritage; sporting the quintessential Scottish typeface in their logo and a setting that’s reminiscent of rural Scotland. In addition to their focus on history and culture, the winery hosts evenings of entertainment, weddings, and other gatherings

Address: 748 NC 5 Hwy, State Rd 24 Bus #50, Kenansville, NC 28349
Phone: (910)296-1727


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