Offshore Wind: Economic Opportunities for Currituck County

That steady Outer Banks breeze isn't just for kites and sailing anymore.

The next decade will see an explosion of offshore wind farms up and down the East Coast, with states green lighting billions of dollars worth of alternative energy infrastructure. 

Dominion Energy is building the largest single offshore wind project in the nation, just 27 miles from Virginia Beach, VA.

The eastern United States is going all-in on renewable, offshore energy and Currituck County is in a position to reap the economic windfall.

offshore wind currituck county north carolina

The major turbine manufacturers are primarily located in Europe. But increased U.S. demand for turbines means that many are looking to set up facilities stateside. They'll need parts, people and all kinds of construction and maintenance support.

Currituck County is perfectly suited to become a vital link in their multi-billion dollar domestic supply chain. Want to know how you and your business can benefit?

Check out the infographic below for more details and some unbelievable numbers.

I’m sure it will turn you into a big fan of wind power as well. 

Offshore Wind Opportunities for Currituck County, NC

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