What’s on Trend for Real Estate Development in 2014

real estate development trends 2014Like almost everything, real estate development goes through trends. Understanding the trends and paying attention to them is a savvy way to figure out the best location for new and re-locating businesses.

According to the Urban Land Institute, here are some of the trends for 2014.

  • Industrial real estate will get a boost as the US economy continues to improve and as retailers and manufacturers have made shortening the supply chain their top priority for the foreseeable future.

  • Warehousing stands out as the strongest prospect in both investment and development.

  • A move to secondary cities will occur as properties become scarcer and more expensive in larger markets.

  • There will be more available financing for asset and equity concerns which makes purchasing or leasing in smaller markets more desirable because those monies will go further. 
  • Industrial space will benefit from shortening of the supply chain through re-shoring of factories to the US.

North Carolina is seeing many of these trends already being applied to Currituck County. While it’s a smaller market, it can deliver on well-priced real estate--existing and buildable--with access to quality roads, ports, airports and railroads. There are many prime locations for industrial, technical and warehouse opportunities within reach.

We’d love to have you bring your real estate development clients and questions to Currituck County, North Carolina.

Guide to Business Benefits in Currituck County


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