Work Life Balance Made Easy In North Carolina

Work-life-balance-in-North-CarolinaHappy employees are more productive. As an employer, it’s in your best interest, as well as your staff’s to achieve the zen of work life balance. North Carolina’s southern pace and incredible diversity of lifestyles and interests make it hard to resist getting out of the office.


A recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Positive Intelligence” cites:

"... an analysis of 225 academic studies, which found “strong evidence of directional causality between life satisfaction and successful business outcomes.” In other words, having happy employees is good for business. An there is no better way to keep employees happy than to provide a comfortable work life balance."


There are many ways to make and keep your employees happy. Studies suggest keeping them challenged at work is important. As Karsten Strauss of wrote, “Few employees want to do one specific task over and over again until they quit or retire or die.” Other things like bonuses and raises, perks, professional development opportunities, and team building activities may also contribute to having happy employees. But what goes on outside the walls of the office building is also important to employees.


One of the top reasons to consider moving your business to beautiful North Carolina is the wide range of recreational, cultural, and leisure activities that encourages a work life balance for you and your employees. Consider all we have to offer:


  • A variety of outdoor activities: Along the coast, 300 miles of beautiful beaches; to the west, portions of the Appalachian Mountain chain offering world class hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Parks, open spaces, and a mild climate.
  • Art and cultural activities, including hundreds of museums ranging from modern art to American military history.
  • Wineries and micro brews.
  • Two of the top ten fastest growing cities in America.
  • A commitment to modernizing transportation infrastructure, developing a comprehensive network of walking and cycling trails, and a light rail alternative to commuting by car.
  • The Croatan, Uwharrie, Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests, offering lush and vast beauty in which to explore, observe wildlife, and relax.
  • Wide range of experiences for the sports enthusiast, including three pro teams: Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and Carolina Hurricanes. Two annual PGA golf tournaments among the many golf courses available for the public to play. The birthplace of NASCAR, the speedway in Concord hosts three major races a year and the NASCAR Hall of Fame is located in Charlotte. Minor league baseball is played throughout the state, and the nation’s elite collegiate basketball teams play on Tobacco Road as well.
  • A strong education system, including world class universities and a strong network of community college for adult education.
  • Low property and income tax rates.


Whether your employees need meaningful outings for the kids, want to find shopping, art, theater, spas, sports, outdoor activities, historic landmarks or museums, entertainment, fine dining or down-home southern barbecue, North Carolina truly has it all.


Business needs happy employees. Happy employees need a good work life balance. With so many options for activities, a pleasant climate, and the comforts of southern hospitality, North Carolina helps make that easy.


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