Quick Facts

     Total Population (2016)  25,809
     Population Density (2010) 90
     Housing Units (2016)  15,368
     Average Household Size (2014)  3
     Median Family Income (2015 Estimated)  $72,680
     Median Household Income (2015)  $60,600
     Unemployment (2017) 6.4%
     Total Area (square miles) 443.63
     Land Area (square miles) 261.85
     Average Annual Rainfall (inches) 47
     Average January Temperature (F) 38.3º
     Average July Temperature (F) 76.3º


The following data was collected from the U.S. Census Burueau, North Carolina Department of Commerce and the County Profile for Currituck County.  Please feel free to contact the Currituck County Economic Development Department for other data that may not be contained in the documents below.