February 2020

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The Secret to Everlasting love

Today’s the big day.

Can you feel it?

There's something special in the air. 

I want to say that it's love, but it feels more like... something else.

Maybe panic? Could be dread. 

Definitely some mix of fear and anxiety.

Valentine's Day does funny things to people.

Especially men.

Some guys get all worked up like it’s the Super Bowl of romance.

They make reservations months ahead and plan every moment with military precision.

Others wait until the last minute. 

They make a mad dash to the drugstore at 5:30pm and hope that there’s at least one card and a box of chocolates that hasn’t been stomped on.

I’ve been both of those guys.

But these days, I’m somebody else.

I’m the guy who doesn’t sweat Valentine’s Day.

Why? Because at some point during the last 46 years of marriage, I discovered the SECRET to a long-lasting love life.

And today I feel compelled to share it with you.

This SECRET has the power to change every waking moment of your life.

It reduces stress, helps you sleep better and can even improve the taste of food.

Keep in mind that I am not a relationship expert. 

I’m not a licensed therapist.

I’m just an Economic Development Director from North Carolina sharing his personal wisdom about love and romance.

Another great thing about this SECRET? You don't have to be married for it to work.

The basic idea works for any relationship.

You ready?

Here goes...

The SECRET to a long-lasting love life is that... your wife is ALWAYS right. 

That's it.

That and she can also change her mind whenever she wants.

Easy enough?

Believe it. Practice it. Tattoo it on your arm if you have to.

You can still show up later tonight with roses, champagne and a little bit of bling. But keep in mind that this SECRET is the gift that keeps on giving.

Once you embrace it, everything in your life turns to gravy.

And who doesn't love gravy?

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for reading!




Larry Lombardi
Director of Economic Development

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Clean & Elegant
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