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Currituck Crab Pot Company

currituck crab pot company

Tim Paasch is the owner of Currituck Crab Pot Company in Moyock, NC. Pictured above are Cadie and Lindsey.   

Can you describe your business?

We serve seafood to the local Moyock Currituck area! We provide a steamed seafood selection for take out, delivery or dine-in on our outdoor picnic area. We source seafood from local fisherman and veggies from local farmers when available. We cook it and make it a fun experience with crab paper, bibs, crackers and hammers. We turn a meal into a fun experience with our ready-to-eat boxes.

Can you talk about when/why you made the decision to start your own business? 

We posted on our Eagle Creek Golf Club and Grill Facebook page asking what everyone wished we could have food-wise in the Currituck area, and “a good local seafood restaurant” was the #1 response... so away we went! 

We opened Currituck Crab Pot Company during Covid and wanted to make it a safe, quick way for people to pick up their food. It’s been a HIT!

Why do you do what you do?

We love the CURRITUCK area and we love the locals here! We take care of them and they take care of us.


Why did you choose Currituck County?

I grew up in the Moyock area over 50 years ago on the Tulls Bay, water skiing, sailing and loving the quiet area. We always wanted to come back but never thought we would own a couple of restaurants and a golf course, but we are glad we did.

What are your biggest challenges as a business owner?

Our biggest challenge has been getting the word out to the community, but word-of-mouth down here explodes when you have a good product.

What are the biggest rewards?

We have met many new people and made many new friends.

What sets you apart?

Great customer service and an amazing food experience.

What's one piece of advice you would give to someone starting a business in Currituck County?

Check with the Chamber of Commerce and see what’s going on around town. Make sure you make everyone happy. Talk with the county, they are very helpful!


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Contact Info

Currituck Crab Pot Company

716 Caratoke Hwy
, NC



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