Introducing the Currituck Station Mega-Site



The Currituck Station Mega-Site, is a long-term economic development plan developed for Currituck County to bring residential and commercial opportunities to the county over the next three decades. The Mega-Site consists of over 3,000 acres adjacent to the border with Virginia and located on the western side of North Carolina 168/Caratoke Highway in Moyock, North Carolina.

“I definitely see it as a new frontier. From a planning, employment and economic development perspective, it’s important to do our due diligence to make sure that whatever we bring to Currituck County is going have a positive impact 20 or 30 years from now.”
              - Larry Lombardi, Economic Development Director



• In March of 2016, consultants presented a feasibility study for the 3,000-acre mega-site. The initial report identified a strong potential market for a true mixed-use project featuring various housing, commercial, retail, office and industrial uses.

• A Master Plan for the Mega-Site was presented in April 2017 by Kimley Horn and Associates.

• The Currituck County Board of Commissioners adopted the plan in June 2017.


The Currituck Station Mega-Site plan balances commercial uses such as retail stores, medical offices, and even locations for high-tech industrial businesses with a variety of residential areas. By planning for and investing in this site, the county looks to attract quality businesses, employers and developers to create an area where Currituck citizens can live, work and play as our population changes.

“The Mega-Site is moving forward... maybe even faster than we thought. It's just an unbelievable time to be in Currituck County.”
             - Bobby Hanig, Board of Commissioners Chairman

Together we’re building on a shared vision of future growth and development. Every day, Currituck Station moves one step closer to becoming reality.



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