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Thinking of starting a business, expanding your business or adding another location? Then look to Currituck County for business growth and business opportunities. Our coastal location in North Carolina is the perfect environment for both weather and business. In addition, our proximity to airports, interstate roadways, and seaports makes delivery and travel throughout the mid-Atlantic region easy.

Currituck County also offers a rich laborshed, lending itself to the large array of industries. From tourism and local small business to defense contracting and aerospace engineering, we have the resources to help your business grow. The region’s strong military presence provides a constant supply of technically skilled transitioning servicemen. Combined with the area’s numerous colleges and universities, Currituck County represents an exceptional resource for new talent.

Check Out Our Pro-Business Policies

Lower taxes and special incentives also make Currituck attractive to business growth and success. North Carolina and Currituck County work to provide a number of breaks for businesses that make their home here. For example, Currituck County doesn’t require a business license or charge business licensing fees or taxes. And, because Currituck County is fully unincorporated, all personal, business and real property is assessed at the same low rate.

Businesses find the taxes here are the lowest in the Hampton Roads region, providing excellent incentive for all new, expanding or relocating businesses.

North Carolina has many other pro-business policies such as Job Development Investment grants, which refunds employees’ withholding taxes, and Community Development Block Grants, which cover infrastructure costs.

North Carolina was ranked as the #1 Best State for Business in 2017 by Forbes magazine. The state has also repeatedly earned the distinguished "Prosperity Cup" from Site Selection magazine.

Everyone involved benefits with new business in Currituck. The local and state government, the community, employees, and company all stand to gain, so we’ll work with you to create that success. Currituck Economic Development wants to show your business all that we have to offer for you and your company.


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