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Monique Haslam is the practice administrator for Dental Transformations located in Coinjock, NC   

How long have you been in business in Currituck County?

We’ve served Currituck County for 4 years now, in our Currituck Dental Practice. We recently purchased Dr. Patrick Morgan’s dental offices, which he proudly owned and served the community for 20+ years. 

Can you describe your business?

We are a group dental practice, with four offices within Pasquotank and Currituck counties. We’ve proudly served these communities for the past 6 years, as Dental Transformations and Currituck Dental. We’ve grown, to incorporate existing dental offices, where the need continues while original founders have since retired. We proudly support our military, and serve as an in-network provider for several insurances. We have also recently become a Medicaid provider. 

Can you talk about the decision to start the business? 

Understanding the growing needs of the community, and that of the continued development of northeastern NC, we recognized the necessity to grow as well. As health care providers, we strive to be progressive in our approach to service those needs. Additional locations afford us the opportunity to accept more insurances, which allows us to provide care to more individuals and their families. 

Why do you do what you do?

Having the opportunity to care for our patients is our main goal. We enjoy helping fellow members of our community, for their overall wellbeing. We are honored to be a part of such growth, and to be an active member of the business community. 

Why did you choose Currituck?

The choice to develop our group practices in Currituck County was largely due to the tremendous growth and growing needs within the community.

What are the biggest rewards?

Our patients and their health are the most rewarding. To have such influence on an individual’s self-worth, which can begin with their smile, is moving. The success stories of changing a person’s life, cannot be expressed in words.

What sets you apart?

You will get a smile, and a staff that is genuinely happy to see you, and will do whatever they can to make your visit pleasant. We regard our team members and our patients as family.

Any advice for someone starting a business in Currituck County?

The best way to succeed is to be involved with the Chamber. Understand the power of word of mouth. While this is growing community, it is still a small community. Understanding the community, and the ability to get the word out, via social media and assistance from other local businesses is the key to success. We are neighbors... you are moving in to a neighborhood.


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