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With a growing workforce of nearly 12,000 and a regional, highly skilled laborshed that is over one million strong, Currituck County is ready for your business.

Thousands of workers graduate every year from the 10 colleges, universities, and technical schools in the Hampton Roads region. Our close proximity to several military bases means Currituck is home to many veterans and a prospective home for many more.

The combination of Currituck’s education and workforce make for the perfect location to employ skilled workers now and in the future.

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Seasonal Employment

Currituck sees a high volume of seasonal tourists and visitors who come to spend time enjoying the beaches, culture, and all that our area has to offer. This surge of visitors means more customers and patrons, but also an expanded seasonal workforce. Thousands of high school and college students enjoying a summer break are great candidates for seasonal help in a variety of positions or internships. 


Partnerships are just one of the many benefits that Currituck offers for education and the workforce. Currituck County has built a new 40,000 square foot training facility and workforce development-oriented facility to house College of the Albemarle’s Aviation Technology, Machining and Graphic Design programs. These programs offer a range of skills to students including FAA Part 147 certification for aviation overhaul, manufacturing, machining, and design skills.

For this, College of The Albemarle & Currituck County was awarded the North Carolina Community College System prestigious Distinguished Partners in Excellence Award for its partnership with the Currituck County Airport.


Regional Colleges & Universities


Workforce Training

Currituck believes workforce-training programs help boost the economy in a way that will perpetuate economic growth. As an incentive to new, relocating or expanding businesses, the North Carolina Community College system and North Carolina Department of Commerce will design and pay for custom training for new employees. Currituck County’s College of the Albemarle Aviation & Technical Training Center provides an ideal facility for customized training in the county and was designed to help meet this need.

North Carolina’s Department of Employment and Training also connects employers with prospective workers who match their needs. Programs like these, as well as our strong laborshed, education and the workforce come together to strengthen businesses’ chances for success.


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