April 2022


RE: The Thing About Spring

Can you feel it?

There’s a buzz about springtime, and I’m not talking about bees and lawnmowers.

Yes, nature comes back to life. Leaves return to the trees. The birds sing louder. Gardens and parks explode with color.

But I'm not talking about the flora and the fauna.

This is about Spring Break.

On the beaches of Corolla and the Outer Banks, spring break is in full swing. It's not quite Daytona Beach in the 1980s, but we see plenty of students ready to whoop it up and go wild before graduation.

It can get rowdy out there. Convertible tops go down and the music volume goes up. Tiny villages of teenagers and twenty-somethings set up camps on the sand for sunbathing and selfies. There are styrofoam coolers and hard seltzers as far as the eye can see. 

And this time of year, pollen isn’t the only stuff floating in the breeze.

Scientists say that love really is “in the air.” Studies show that sunny days make people more receptive to romance and new relationships (and moods) get a boost from the warm weather.

Birds and bees. Spring break. Romance. There’s no better time of the year for young people.

Hooray for young people.

Those of us who aren’t so young? We get spring cleaning and pollen-dusted cars. We get the return of weeds and a reminder to service our central air conditioning. We get seasonal allergies.

Stick around long enough and you realize that spring is just another quarter lap around the sun, filled with its own unique obligations, chores and routines.

Eventually, you accept the fact that spring belongs to little kids, college students and couples who picnic in the park.

Unless you don’t accept it.

Unless you see things differently.

Unless you know the “thing about spring.”

If you know the “thing about spring,” everything changes. Anything becomes possible.

This “thing about spring” helps you realize that spring break is for everybody... even people born in the 20th century.

The “thing” is actually two letters: R and E.

You’ll find them at the front of words that capture the essence of spring: rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.

They start words that show us spring is about second chances.

Words like rethink, refresh, relearn, restart, reconnect and rebuild.

Keeping those two letters in mind—and those words—will change the way you think about the season.

Spring break becomes less about keg parties and co-eds and more about taking a moment to reset priorities, re-establish goals and recharge your energy. Think of spring break as a chance to restore your spirit.

I know how that sounds. To be clear, you’re not going to find me meditating on a yoga mat on my back porch. I’m not pushing some sort of guru agenda. I’m just a firm believer in being proactive.

Spring is an annual reminder that, if you're on the sidelines, the game is still going on. It's a great time to start something new or restart something you’ve been meaning to get back to.

Get back to life. Get a little carried away.

I’ve always thought that New Year’s resolutions were a terrible idea… because who gets motivated to do ANYTHING in January?

Spring is a different story.

Spring has energy and buzz.

Spring is exciting, alive and full of potential.

If you don't get an official spring break this year, why not give yourself one? You've probably earned it.

And keep in mind that your spring break doesn't have to be ambitious or productive. Some of my favorite "RE" words are the lazy ones...

Retire. Recline. Remote.

And of course: RELAX.

See you on the beach!

Happy Easter! Thanks for reading. 



Larry Lombardi
Director of Economic Development

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