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FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training of the OBX


Stacey Barnes is the owner of FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training of the OBX located in Currituck   

How long have you been in business in Currituck County?

We officially started the business on May 1, 2021.

Can you describe your business?

Business owners and leaders typically deal with challenges in four key areas: Time, Team, Money, and Strategic Planning. Working together, we help reduce uncertainty, frustrations, and stress in one or more of these areas. 

OBX offers Business and Executive Coaching, Personal Performance Coaching, and various training programs and workshops.

Can you talk about the decision to start the business? 

I spent the last 20 years in a franchise organization where the focus was on training, coaching and developing small business owners on issues ranging from from startup to exit strategy. As it is with many leadership positions, that was only a piece of my responsibility but it is my passion. I saw an opportunity to take skills developed over decades, follow my true purpose and passion, and serve a larger community.

Why do you do what you do?

It was easy to partner with and open my business as part of the FocalPoint brand in part because of the culture and values of the organization. 

Our stated purpose is: We are the “Pebble on the Pond.” We impact the world first through our clients, then their families, employees, companies, communities, region, country and the world. Every day I’m changing the world through business leadership and education.

Why did you choose Currituck?

This is my home. My wife Jennifer and I grew up just a bit to the west in Northampton County and moved here to Currituck County in 1996.

What are the biggest challenges?

I am still in the “start-up” phase of my business, so there are many. But, I think a lot of leaders would admit that the hardest person to lead on a daily basis is ourselves. I make mistakes, learn, and grow every day.

What are the biggest rewards?

Getting to help others get closer to reaching their full potential. Helping someone find their dream, charting the course together then seeing the positive transformations that take place ... it is incredibly rewarding.

What sets you apart?

An unrivaled commitment and passion for serving others along their journey of personal and professional growth.


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FocalPoint Business Coaching and Training of the OBX

103 Cygnet Ct. Currituck, NC

(757) 450-8545



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