Mid Currituck Bridge


The Mid Currituck Bridge will improve access and mobility to energize and connect  our regional economy 

The Mid Currituck Bridge project has promised to enhance Currituck's quality of life and access to our beach communities for over four decades. The long-awaited project is intended to serve two primary goals:

  1. Improving coastal evacuation times to the Currituck mainland; and
  2. Reducing highway congestion and travel times for visitor, commercial and residential traffic.

As an increasingly popular up-market, family beach destination, the Currituck Outer Banks provides an attractive investment market for numerous hospitality, retail and services business interests.  The construction of the Mid Currituck Bridge enhances opportunities for growth in these sectors in both the Currituck Mainland and Corolla, and even deeper throughout the Albemarle region along feeder highway corridors.

Improving access to the Currituck Outer Banks area will also have a major impact on corporate site selection, as businesses take advantage of the more efficient access to markets and the increased flow of recreational and local traffic through formerly undeveloped land and congested highways.




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MCB Timeline

  • March 2010
    Draft Environmental Impact Statement complete
  • January 2012
    Final Environmental Impact Statement complete 
  • Spring 2018
    Record of Decision issued 
  • Financial close
    To be determined
  • Begin construction
    To be determined
  • Open to traffic
    To be determined

MCB Milestones

Mid Currituck Bridge earns priority funding in NCDOT 2016-2025 improvements plan

On December 4th, 2014, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and Secretary of Transportation Tony Tata announced the 2016-2025 State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP), outlining the many projects planned for construction in the next 10 year cycle throughout the State. In total, the STIP will construct over 1,100 projects creating 300,000 jobs.

To the excitement of local officials, residents and businesses, the Mid-Currituck Bridge project is one of the critical regional projects funded utilizing NCDOT’s new data-driven prioritization process. In fact, the project was helped by the strong support of neighboring counties and towns and the NCDOT division staff – further underlying the regional importance of the Mid-Currituck Bridge.

According to the STIP, funding allocations for activities including right-of-way acquisition, utilities and construction begin in 2019 and continue in each following year through the end of the STIP cycle.

Planned Location


The seven-mile, $411 million single-span bridge will link two areas that are prime locations for corporate site selection: the Currituck County mainland (US Hwy. 158) directly to the resort destination of Corolla (NC Hwy. 12). The bridge will be built just south of the Intracoastal Waterway in Aydlett, crossing Maple Swamp and Currituck Sound to land south of the Corolla Light subdivision and Historic Corolla Village.

For many businesses that had considered the Currituck Outer Banks out of reach, the bridge will provide a much-needed secondary access point, saving more than 50 miles on a trip to the seaside’s northern region and cutting travel times in half on a trip from the Hampton Roads region.

Moreover, the Mid-Currituck Bridge location is a short distance from major County transportation, education and recreation assets at the 550-acre Currituck Community Park in Maple, NC.  This development is home to community-wide recreation assets like the YMCA, Senior Center, Animal Shelter, tournament quality multi-purpose fields and concession areas.

Corporate site selection assets near the Mid-Currituck Bridge at Currituck Community Park include:

In addition to these County assets, the nearby areas of Coinjock, Aydlett, Maple and Barco provide numerous opportunities for private development along highways 168 and US 158, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Currituck Sound.

Toll Crossing


The Mid Currituck Bridge is planned to be a toll facility.

Toll rates for the bridge have not been finalized, but a bridge revenue study is available on the project website listed below. It is expected that peak-season toll rates will be the highest.

The Mid Currituck Bridge will utilize the latest camera technology and EZ-Pass systems, with the goal of seamless payment and delay reduction. A fly-over intersection as shown above will further segregate Currituck Outer Banks traffic from US 158 southbound.


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