There are plenty of good reasons
that your business belongs in North Carolina...

You may know about North Carolina's world class beaches on the Outer Banks, its historic landmarks, warm climate, and great Southern food and culture. You may even know its reputation for being pro-business.

But do you know why North Carolina ranks among the Top Ten States for Business, year after year? It takes more than BBQ to make it to the top of lists compiled by Forbes, Area Development, WalletHub, the Tax Foundation and CNBC (just to name a few!).

Download your own copy of the Guide to Moving Your Business to North Carolina.

It gives you some of the lowdown behind the Tarheel State's...

  • Exceptional transportation infrastructure: roads, ports, and rail
  • Available skilled workforce from ten area universities and/or the military
  • Tax credits, refunds, and grants to help your business thrive
  • Resources for new and relocating businesses




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