5 Last-Minute Currituck County-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

by Think Currituck, on 10/30/18 9:51 AM


1. A Corolla Wild Mustang

Forget everything you know about horse costumes. This is not one of those complicated contraptions where one person is the front end and the other is the back end. This getup lets you fly solo. First, get a horse head mask. Then, from the neck down, dress like an outlaw biker. Throughout the party, refuse to follow the rules of polite society. If someone challenges you, run away shouting, “Leave me alone! I’m a WILD horse!”

BONUS POINTS: Get someone to feed you an apple, even though they know they aren’t supposed to.

2. The Currituck Beach Lighthouse

Get a pair of stilts and a giant cardboard tube. Paint the outside of the tube to look like red bricks. Wear a clear glass punch bowl as a hat and strap on a bright headlamp. Instant landmark!

BONUS POINTS: Whenever people complain that you’re moving too slowly, yell back at them, “Give me a break! I’m 143 years old!”

3. Grave Digger

How do you masquerade as Currituck’s most famous monster truck? Easy. Find an old wagon. Upgrade the tires and reinforce the chassis. Install some hydraulic-over-nitrogen bypass shocks. Then carefully paint a large cardboard box to match the green, purple and black color scheme (don't forget the spooky skull and cemetery). Once you find a strong friend to pull you around all night, you’re ready to roll!

BONUS POINTS: Show off your “monster truck power” by crushing empty aluminum cans or full bags of unpopular Halloween candy.

4. The Knotts Island Ferry

Don’t try this costume unless you’re ready to really commit. First, secure some knee pads. Then, dress in your favorite “seafaring outfit” (boat shoes and a captain’s hat are a MUST). Next, attach about a dozen cars and trucks to your back (don’t forget the school bus!). Crawl around on all fours and use a portable air horn to make your way through the crowd. Don’t forget, if people ask for a ride, you’re not allowed to charge them.

BONUS POINTS: If the party hosts have a pool... you know what to do.

5. The Mid-Currituck Bridge

After working on this simple, two-person costume for years, I think it's finally ready. One of you wears a t-shirt that says "Currituck Mainland" and the other wears one that says "Currituck Outer Banks." All done! Always keep some distance between you and your partner during the party. When you explain your costume and people ask, “But where’s the bridge?” You just say, “Be patient! It’s coming!"

BONUS POINTS: If you want to be authentic, stay about 7 miles apart all night.

Stay Safe and Have a Happy Halloween!

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