Here’s why the summer of 2022 might rock you like a hurricane

by Think Currituck, on 6/13/22 11:00 AM

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Summer is concert season, with many of the breweries in the Outer Banks hosting live music and bands from all over the country. But summer is also hurricane season, which means that, in addition to all of that North Carolina beer, there could be quite a few storms a-brewing over the next few months. 

Last year, there were 21 named storms on the the Atlantic Ocean in it’s “above-normal” season, and meteorologists say 2022 will be no different. According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), summer and fall typically feature 14 named storms and three major hurricanes. When compared to these numbers, 2022 looks like it will be another above-normal year for stormy weather. Based on the latest forecasts, there will be above average storm activity in every category, including named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes. There are 21 pre-selected names for storms this year, and many meteorologists anticipate that the entire list could be used.


In the midst of this news, it’s important to note that “NOAA’s outlook is for overall seasonal activity and is not a landfall forecast.” As always, weather in the Outer Banks can be unpredictable, and there’s no guarantees about if or when these storms might begin to affect our region.

Nevertheless, North Carolinians—especially those with property near the beach—must always be prepared for storms. NOAA advises tourists to purchase vacation insurance from their rental agencies…just in case a disastrous storm impacts a trip to the beach. Meanwhile, homeowners should be familiar with evacuation routes and their designated shelters before storms are reported. Since hurricanes form up to a thousand miles away from the coast, there’s usually time to plan an evacuation on the spot. But, that being said, it’s never too early to identify the evacuation routes. 

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Business owners must also be ready for the next North Carolina hurricane. If you own a business, there are additional steps you can take to increase safety and reduce the risk of loss. Here are some of the most helpful links to help your business prepare for a potential storm:

Business Checklist from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative

Currituck County Economic Development: Disaster Resources 

FEMA's Business Toolkit

Small Business Administration Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane Survival Guide for Businesses

Currituck locals can also put these links to good use:

Currituck County Emergency Management / (252) 232-2115.

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Currituck County Website

Currituck County News 

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