Survey results available from Imagine Currituck: 2040 Vision Plan

by Think Currituck, on 2/24/17 12:21 PM

Last fall, the citizens of Currituck County were asked about their priorities, hopes and concerns for the future...

The IMAGINE CURRITUCK: Comprehensive Land Use Plan will establish a unified vision and serve as a guide for future growth and development in Currituck County for years to come.

In 2016, the Currituck County Planning Department and local leaders invited public comment and involvement throughout the planning process. Residents were invited to attend one of the Imagine Currituck public workshops and share their opinions through an online survey.

The ultimate goal of the Imagine Currituck plan is to establish clear policies according to seven key elements:

  1. Transportation
  2. Recreation
  3. Sense of Place
  4. Land Use
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Environment
  7. Economic Development

The results of the Imagine Currituck survey are now available online and include individual (anonymous) comments related to each question. You'll find a ranking of the most popular responses as well as a pie graph.



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