Moyock Casting Facility Breaks Ground in Currituck, NC

by CCED, on 2/25/16 12:17 PM


Construction of the 4-acre facility is expected to be complete in April and will employ 20 workers ranging from administrative positions to labor jobs.If the plant is successful, the company could potentially quadruple the current workforce.


Moyock Casting Facility will build concrete components for containment units that house the spent fuel from nuclear power plants. No nuclear material will be housed at the Moyock site.


Moyock Casting Facility's parent company is Columbia-Maryland-based. AREVA TN. AREVA TN provides fuel storage for nuclear power plants across the United States and Canada. The company is a division of AREVA, Inc. of Charlotte, the North American headquarters for AREVA’s global operations which include production of low-carbon power generation, including both nuclear and renewable energy.


A spokesperson for AREVA TN indicated that Moyock, NC was selected for the facility because of access to raw materials and shipping channels along the east coast, including the Port of Virginia and a strong railroad infrastructure.


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