NC a Top State for Tech and Innovation in 2015

by CCED, on 10/29/15 7:00 AM

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's sixth-annual Enterprising States: State Innovate Study recognized North Carolina as a top performer. The study ranks the top 10 states in the categories of economic performance; transportation and trade; innovation and entrepreneurship; business climate; talent pipeline; and high-tech performance. 


North Carolina ranked 10th in both the high-tech performance and innovation and entrepreneurship categories. 


"Looking to better leverage research conducted at North Carolina’s universities, Governor Pat McCrory launched an Innovation-to-Jobs initiative during 2014. The initiative brought together a committee of innovation leaders to gather input and discuss ways North Carolina can increase commercialization of university research. After gathering input from over 500 stakeholders, the initiative released recommendations that included the creation of a proof-of-concept grant program, increased matching grants for research, reductions in capital gains taxes for innovation-related companies, and creation of a $120 million venture multiplier fund designed to invest in venture capital companies focused on North Carolina startups."


According to the study's executive summary, a state's ability to overcome economic, social, and environmental challenges in the 21st century, relies heavily on that's states ability to leverage and innovate new technologies. States that successfully promote entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation are poised to succeed in today's competitive, global economy. 


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