Know Your Zone Program to Help Streamline Evacuations

by Think Currituck, on 7/29/20 12:12 PM

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As peak hurricane season approaches, researchers predict a stronger-than-average forecast with 13-19 named tropical storms for the year. North Carolina residents and officials are preparing for a greater risk of evacuation.

North Carolina Emergency Management has released a new program to help officials better streamline the evacuation process. Know Your Zone, a tiered evacuation system, splits 22 coastal counties into zones based on how threatened they are to the force of incoming storms and hurricanes.

The Know Your Zone interactive online tool can help find the designated zones of the places you regularly visitlike home and work. You can click on the map or enter the address, and a box will pop up with information about your zone.

Currituck County has three zones:

  • Zone A: Carova Beach
  • Zone B: Corolla
  • Zone C: Mainland

Local officials will announce which higher-risk zones are necessary to evacuate with areas in Zone A usually evacuating first, followed by Zone B, and so on. The program is meant to prevent unnecessary travel and overcrowding at storm cellars.

Any evacuation notification for Currituck County will be made through Currituck Alert.

Currituck County Emergency Management has 4”x4” stickers for Zones A, B and C for public places and businesses. Email to request them.

Keep in Mind

Evacuation means get your stuff and go. If an evacuation of your zone is called, it implies that area is at risk of a lot of damage, and you should gather your belongings and leave as soon as possible.

If officials do not call for an evacuation of your zone, that area is safe to remain in for the time being. However, residents should keep up to date with information being put out by officials as it could change frequently.

Officials will announce when it is safe to return home after the storm passes. Make sure to have proper identification when traveling back.

For more information, contact Currituck Emergency Management at 252-232-2115. To learn more about hurricane season, refer to North Carolina’s Hurricane Guide.

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