What made Currituck the fastest-growing county in North Carolina? One word...

by Think Currituck, on 3/31/22 11:35 AM

Currituck County population growth

While several municipalities across the U.S. (e.g. Jackson, MS, Charlestown, WV, and Baltimore, MD) are struggling with shrinking populations, people are flocking to North Carolina.

Currituck County, in particular, is ahead of the pack and experiencing rapid growth. In fact, from April 2020 to July 2021, Currituck’s population increased by 5.5 percent—good enough for first place in the Tar Heel State (in a tie with Brunswick County).

This news comes at a time when the nation is navigating its slowest rate of population growth (7.4%) since the 1930s. Regardless of this nationwide pattern, Currituck County is steadily developing.


All things considered, this is great news for the county.

When population increases occur in American cities and counties, they tend to provide a boost in terms of economic health, whereas a faltering population can compound any existing economic difficulties.

Fortunately, northeast North Carolina falls into the growing category—we’re going strong and welcoming newcomers at a healthy pace.

But that raises a question: what’s causing all this growth?

Populations can fluctuate for any number of reasons (including birth and death rate), but in Currituck County, the main cause seems to be migration. The 5.5% increase translates to 1,556 people who moved to the county. In other words, people are starting to notice the opportunities in our county, and they want to become a part of it. 

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One obvious benefit of a migration-based growth in population is the expansion of the labor force. With lots of new workers coming to town, Currituck is sure to help North Carolina maintain its status as one of the most competitive states for new business. Currituck, itself, has been attracting newcomers and proven to be North Carolina’s land of opportunity.

Whether people are searching for business opportunities or a great place to raise a family, they’re finding it in Currituck. Businesses and their employees can enjoy our great tax incentives and low cost of living, while families can explore the beautiful landscape of our county.

Thanks to all of these factors, more and more people are beginning to "Think Currituck" when making their next move.

For more information about Currituck’s population growth, click here.

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