Outer Banks Commercial Real Estate Newsletter: January 2021

by Larry Lombardi, on Jan 20, 2021 8:51:41 AM

Cindy Mayberry

OBX CRE Spotlight

Cindy Mayberry

Managing Broker, Rose & Womble Realty


  • Born and raised in Northern Virginia
  • Moved to Greensboro, NC to work as a pilot scheduler for Piedmont Airlines before being transferred to Norfolk, VA
  • Raised son in Chesapeake, VA and moved back to North Carolina after he left for college
  • Lived in Northeast North Carolina since 2005
  • First grandson arrived December 16, 2020

How long have you been working in commercial real estate?

I've been in the real estate business since 2000.

How did you first get into real estate?

Since this is a rather expensive business to start up with no other income, I was blessed by my grandmother who left me money to keep me going while I broke into the real estate career.

What was your first CRE transaction?

My first commercial transaction was what we call a double dipper! I listed a parcel, sold it and listed and sold it again... in Chesapeake.
What was your most memorable CRE transaction?
That double dipper was my most memorable. I remember calling a prospective buyer while he was on vacation in Arizona. He answered his phone while on the golf course. Although he told me "NO" to the opportunity in the past, I figured he just didn't have the right information to make an educated "YES" decision. I didn't quit until I got a "YES" from him, on that golf course.
What's your favorite part of working in CRE?
Achieving success when the obstacles seem insurmountable.
What’s the biggest misconception about CRE?
That it's so easy and you make so much money! Currently a project in the making is on its 4th year with a close coming in the next few months.
How would you describe the commercial real estate market in northeastern NC and the Outer Banks?

The Northeast North Carolina corridor to the Outer Banks is an opportunity for smart growth. The historic growth of the area in residential development has opened the doors for more commercial development. Residents are asking for the services that they drive to Virginia to get, but they also want to keep the area's rural flavor. This is a two-sided coin, but with some creativity it will happen.

Can you share one great piece of advice for someone looking to buy/lease commercial property or land?

As long as the numbers work for you personally, don't wait. The opportunity is not going to wait for you.
What is your favorite thing about the Outer Banks?
The Outer Banks is no longer a hidden gem. The best thing about the OBX is that is not the typical tourist beach. It's a family-oriented piece of paradise.
What's your favorite way to spend your free time?
My best days are spent with my family, friends and my best pal, Tylah (my 3-year-old chocolate lab), taking my boat across the Currituck Sound over to Carova, where the boat meets the beach with the ponies in the distance.

Featured Property


458-Acre Tract in Harbinger

One of the last large development tracts left in Currituck County, and definitely the largest in lower Currituck, only minutes from the Outer Banks. Located on the sound front, behind the H20BX Waterpark. The owners of the tract, have an agreement with the water park to access the sewer treatment system, which should allow for maximum development of the site. With 2500 ft of shoreline on the Albemarle Sound, 184 acres of usable uplands and 16 acres of ponds, the site lends itself to very unique development, with lots of green open space.  

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