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double ds

Have you always lived in Currituck or did you relocate here? 

I moved to Currituck in 1983.

What was it about Currituck County that most appealed to you?

Bells Island is home. Living on the Currituck Sound is very special.

Do you remember the moment that you decided to start your own business?

After a phenomenal 40-year career as a Norfolk Fire/Paramedic Officer, retirement was scary. I wanted a business that could start small and grow along with demand. Screen printing seemed interesting and challenging. 

My first customer ordered 300 shirts for a St. Patrick’s Day event. During set-up for printing, a clamp on the press was loose, and it made the first shirt print a little blurry. When the customer said, “I love it,” I knew right then I could have some artistic fun with screen printing.

What's the best part about owning and operating a business in Currituck County

Knowing that we are providing a quality, “Made in Currituck” product to businesses in Currituck.

What's the hardest part about owning and operating a business in Currituck County?

Getting customers to think about buying local instead of taking their business out of state.

What advice would you give to someone interested in starting a business in Currituck County?

Understand that geographically, Currituck is a large county that is spread out. Reaching out to your customers, especially in the tourist season, will be challenging.

What's one thing you wish you could change about your business?

That demand for service increase to a thriving, year-round customer base.

What do you most want people (in Currituck County and beyond) to know about you and your business?

We provide quality workmanship, 100% commitment to personal customer service and having your order completed on-time and as promised. 

double ds


1825 Shortcut Road Shawboro, NC

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