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Foolish Angler Currituck County North Carolina fishing

Foolish Angler LLC

Foolish Angler LLC Currituck County NC

Gary Kubit is the owner of the Foolish Angler LLC in Currituck County, NC. 

How long have you been in business in Currituck County?

We moved to Currituck over a year ago and moved the business from Virginia to North Carolina. Currituck County was and is our area of choice because of the people who live here and the relaxed way of life.

Can you describe your business?

I’ve been building fishing rods since my teen years. Today I meet with customers who desire high quality, custom fishing rods at affordable prices. I order components and assemble the rods with quality rod blanks, custom handles, reel seats, and line guides that meet the fishing conditions of the new rod owner. We have resources in the rod community of custom builders and suppliers that can assist if needed to fine tune a build or we simply build to the customer's requirements.

Why did you decide to go into business for yourself?

We decided it would be best to plan for an active retirement. We decided to use our passion for rod building to help other folks in the fishing community up their game. We are passionate about helping others enjoy fishing. It just seemed to be the natural thing to do. 

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned as a business owner?

We like helping other folks and meeting them to talk the talk. We learn more from the contacts and customers then we can ever pay back. We get exposure to thousands of views on the same subject that allow us to grow and share our knowledge with others. That’s very satisfying.

Why did you choose Currituck County?

I think Currituck chose us. When you sit in your yard in the evening and see a “fish bowl” of Carolina blue from horizon to horizon you feel the natural beauty of this county. Not to mention the overall goodness of the residents.

Did you consider other locations for your business?

No, Currituck is geographically an ideal location. Having a relaxed quiet atmosphere overall is a great plus.

Foolish Angler LLC Currituck NC

What are the biggest rewards?

Seeing the excitement that a fishing rod brings to a buyer. Knowing that I’m providing custom touches (color choice and name personalization) that they just can’t buy at the store. 

What sets you apart from other similar businesses?

A person to talk with about their equipment requirements and a solution that matches those requirements. When it comes to fishing rods, off the shelf purchases are a compromise in all respects. The manufactures produce to the average user not to a specific user... we serve the specific customer requirements.


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Currituck County, NC

(757) 620-6469


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