The Mid-Currituck Bridge

Coming Soon to Connect the Currituck County Mainland to Corolla and the Currituck Outer Banks


 All future dates are subject to change as funding and project priorities are adjusted over the next few years.


MARCH 2010

Draft Environmental Impact Statement complete


Final Environmental Impact Statement complete

MARCH 2019

Record of Decision complete

FALL  2021

Design and development of permit applications


Complete financing


Begin construction

The Mid-Currituck Bridge

The Mid-Currituck Bridge is moving towards becoming a reality. But it's going to be a long road (literally) from start to finish. We'll do everything we can to help provide answers, clarity and facts along the way. 

7 miles

Total length of project 


Estimated total project cost 

11 minutes

Estimated travel time 

Four Big Benefits of the Bridge

Faster Hurricane Evacuation Times

The Mid-Currituck Bridge will substantially reduce evacuation times from the Outer Banks for residents and visitors who use US 158 and NC 168 as an evacuation route. 

Direct Route for First Responders

The bridge will provide much faster transport times for Currituck Emergency Medical Services’ ambulances and a more direct route for police officers to respond to 911 calls.

Reduces Seasonal Congestion

The MCB will reduce the severity and duration of traffic congestion on summer weekends. According to the Record of Decision, the length of the congested period would drop from 13 to 15 hours to 7 to 12 hours.

Catalyst for Mainland Development

Benefits to mainland Currituck County could include a boom in retail, restaurants and hospitality. The MCB could spur a mix of commercial and business development similar to that in Dare County in the area surrounding the bridge.

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Official Project Page

Read more on the official project page created by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Includes updates and document library.


Record of Decision

Document includes detailed history of project, explanation of alternatives and efforts taken to minimize environmental impacts.


Official Project Map

Shows the bridge position from Aydlett across the Currituck Sound to the Outer Banks.


Environmental Impact

Read more about the reevaluation of the March 2019 Final Environmental Impact Study.


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What You Need to Know About the Mid-Currituck Bridge

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"Sounding Off" About the MCB

On most Saturdays and Sundays their commute can be up to 2 hours because of the incoming visitor traffic. The stress that is put on our workers to simply arrive at their jobs on time can affect their attitude for their entire shift, and a bad attitude in the hospitality business is not what our visitors deserve. Happy visitors with happy first impressions make for happy businesses.”

Jill Bennett
Business Owner - Duck, NC

"Of course, there are access issues for emergency vehicles as well. With the volume of traffic, emergency vehicles are hampered in their efforts to reach people in need. The bridge would greatly alleviate this pressure on Duck and surrounding communities."

Clifford Firstenberg

"I think that from an infrastructure standpoint, it would be a complete gain and further boon to the local tourism industry. Let's consider all of the positive impact that we know will be contributed rather than the potential for negative impacts."

Dillon Heikens

"If we have a bad storm, there's going to be a lot of people trapped up there. That's always been one thing I've said about the bridge that doesn't seem to come out as much. There is one way in and one way out. That to me is asking for a disaster." 

Jon Britt

"We have been OBX homeowners since 1998 and driving to our beloved second home and adopted OBX - the trip gets longer as we get older. Being able to reduce drive time by 30 minutes could mean more trips to OBX. As they say – build it and they will come – more often!"

Marc and Amy Steimer

"I am sure the majority of vacation drivers would gladly pay significant tolls to shorten their travel by hours. The new bridge would relieve pressure on the Wright Memorial Bridge, improve the safety of pedestrians in Southern Shores, Duck and other northern areas while making life more enjoyable for all."

Ed & Audrey Primozic

Mid-Currituck Bridge
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