Major Industries


Currituck County is home to key industries that thrive thanks to our strategic Mid-Atlantic location, our world-famous natural resources and our proximity to Virginia and the North Carolina Research Triangle.   

Currituck has a wealth of sustainable natural resources (in our case - great soil, warm weather, ample sunshine and wind) and is situated close to major markets. This allows us to harvest a local crop and make a product that can be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

John Wright
General Manager, Sanctuary Vineyards

Professional Training 

ACADEMI, a Constellis company, is a global provider of sustainable training solutions and secure logistics management. Their 4,000-acre flagship training center, located in Moyock, NC, is the largest privately-owned training center in the United States. ACADEMI is one of the largest employers in Currituck County.




Currituck County is home to an ever growing family of small to medium-sized manufacturers. We're proud of the variety of products that are crafted here, from food and beverage items such as beer, wine, sea salt and whiskey (coming soon) to surfboards, fine art, furniture and monster trucks. If you're a manufacturing company looking to locate in Currituck County, you'll definitely find yourself in good company.

North Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership



Currituck County’s undeveloped rural land is perfect for farming, agriculture, and food production through commercial land development. This includes arable land, which includes annual crops and land that is temporarily fallow.

Land for permanent crops such as orchard and vineyards; and permanent pastures for natural grasses and grazing of livestock, are also available in the region. 

Currituck County Center - NC Cooperative Extension



Located on coastal North Carolina, Currituck County has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean as well as several bays between the Outer Banks and mainland. The Outer Banks is continually ranked among the top 10 beaches in the United States. Warmer waters and undeveloped beaches make the Outer Banks one of the most visited beaches on the east coast and in the country.

If your business involves boats or water, Currituck County is the right fit for you. The warm summers, mild winters, and access to multiple bodies of water makes Currituck the best location on the east coast for anything nautical.

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries


Outdoor Recreation

Currituck County is proud of our centuries-long reputation as a "Sportsman's Paradise." Our beautiful backyard make us the perfect location for waterfowl and game hunting. Thanks to an abundance of water (several bays, rivers, the Currituck Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean) we are a destination for boaters, water sports enthusiasts and recreational and sport fishing.

Thousands of acres of wildlife refuge land also makes us an ideal spot for birders, bikers and paddlers of all kinds. 


Sports Tourism

Currituck County welcomes athletes and sports fans of all ages.

Our Currituck Community Park Fields are the perfect location to host Youth Sports Tournaments. Our fields were built using top quality athletic turf and have the capability of hosting baseball, softball, football, field hockey, lacrosse or soccer teams. Other amenities include: picnic shelters, a playground, concessions, restrooms, and bleachers.

In 2018, we had the honor of presenting 18 tournaments and hosting approximately 14,200 visitors. 



An estimated 500,000 tourists visit Currituck County during our 10 week high season each year, and visitor spending during this season and other times of the year contributed $13,310,000 in local county tax revenues in 2017.

Currituck County tourism continues to grow, producing over $230 million in direct consumer spending in 2017.

Currituck County Tourism

Visit North Carolina 

We hire local craftsmen, most out of the construction industry. We are able to create our quality products because of our pride in the industry, because of who we are and where we’re from.

Mike McClanahan
Owner, Carolina Casual Furniture

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