Another Reason to Choose Currituck as Your "Go Green" Business Location

by CCED, on 1/21/15 11:07 AM

Looking for a business location that respects and protects the environment? Look no further than Currituck County.

Currituck has been nationally recognized by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for our commitment to coastal and ocean resource management.

According to NOAA ...

"Currituck County is being recognized with the Excellence in Local Government award for its efforts to protect natural resources while supporting development. For example, the county created the “Currituck Goes Green” initiative that resulted in the application of sustainable development techniques to county projects and the development of a formal Sustainability Plan.  The county has provided technical assistance and educational programs to address a variety of topics, including waste management, education, energy-efficient buildings, and land- use/water-quality/ecosystem protection. Currituck County is a demonstrated leader in the green movement, making water quality and environmental protection a priority to secure economic and environmental sustainability."
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For more information on the award and other 2014 award recipients, visit the National Ocean Service website.

Learn more about the Currituck Goes Green Initiative.

Our Go Green initiatives are just one reason to explore a business location in Currituck County. To find out why so many businesses choose to open or expand in Currituck, download our free guide: Five Reasons You Should Be Thinking Currituck!


Photo:  The wetland and wildlife garden at the N.C. Cooperative Extension facility in Currituck County.


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