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by Think Currituck, on 5/31/22 1:42 PM

In recent years, companies and corporations have examined their lists of employment opportunities and said, “This seems like a job for the people of North Carolina.” Locally-built enterprises are continuing …

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by Think Currituck, on 5/19/22 1:20 PM

For the second year in a row, the internationally acclaimed publication, Site Selection magazine, crowned the Tar Heel State as the winner of the annual Prosperity Cup. This award carries …

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by Think Currituck, on 4/11/22 12:32 PM

Photo: As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, Vietnamese automobile manufacturer, VinFast, has announced plans to build its first North American plant in North Carolina. The company’s new …

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by Think Currituck, on 3/31/22 11:35 AM

While several municipalities across the U.S. (e.g. Jackson, MS, Charlestown, WV, and Baltimore, MD) are struggling with shrinking populations, people are flocking to North Carolina. Currituck County, in particular, is …

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by Think Currituck, on 3/29/22 3:14 PM

Site Selection magazine announced the winners of their 2021 Governor's Cup awards earlier this month and North Carolina showed that it has stayed busy. While North Carolina didn't take the …

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by Think Currituck, on 3/7/22 12:45 PM

Currituck County will be among the numerous localities in North Carolina to benefit from a generous $6.4 million investment, which is coming through the U.S. Economic Development Administration Tourism Grant …

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by Think Currituck, on 2/17/22 2:33 PM

We’re a couple of months into 2022—a year that financial analysts are predicting will be strong for the Tar Heel State. Economically speaking, North Carolina is in a good position, …

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by Think Currituck, on 1/26/22 2:20 PM

Running on empty? This NEW-to-North Carolina convenience store is on its way to help you more ways than one The place famous for full gas tanks and full buckets …

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by Think Currituck, on 12/27/21 1:59 PM

Kroger's new automated fulfillment center coming to Concord, NC, was one of the big announcements that made economic development headlines in 2021. When it comes to North Carolina and economic …

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by Think Currituck, on 12/22/21 1:37 PM

The last 21 months have been tough for small businesses. The good news is that there's a new wave of relief for those who took a significant economic hit as …

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