Small Business Success Stories in Currituck

by CCED, on 10/6/15 7:00 AM

Currituck County is an attractive area for young entrepreneurs. Mixing the fresh charm of the young business owners with the rich culture and history makes this a great area to breed small business success stories.

The climate of the Currituck attracts a variety of different businesses. On one side of the sound, The Wright family, (who have been residents of Currituck for the past seven generations) have a legacy that they are continually upholding. Their estate consist of the Sanctuary Vineyards, The Cotton Gin, and Thyme and Tide Café. Since opening the Cotton Gin in 1978 the Wrights have been able to adapt their farming and business practices to keep up with the modern times.


If you pass the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, you’ll come across the historic and quaint Corolla Village. Recently, Corolla has been attracting young entrepreneurs who are opening up hop and trendy new businesses.


Tatiana and Ben Wolfe opened up the newest addition to the village, The Juice Jar. When asked their opinion about the area they choose to open their business, they admitted to being drawn to Corolla by its by its historic charm and relaxed atmosphere, and say it’s a great spot for nature lovers. The Juice Jar offers healthy food options to vacationers on the go. Whether you are looking for an energy boosting drink or a organic acai and pitaya bowls made fresh daily, the Juice Jar is the place to go.


These aren’t the only small business success stories that were born in Currituck. A recent article published by the North Beach Sun interviewed more young entrepreneurs with successful business in Currituck. Discover their stories, then start one of your own. 


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