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Choosing a site to locate your business can be complex and daunting. A key decision that has massive ramifications, you need to weigh all the factors before signing a contract. Checking out the best blogs, posts, and websites for site selection is an excellent way to ensure you have the latest information and advice. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Site Selection Group

These guys are pros at helping businesses find the right site. They know what issues to cover, and they cover them well.

GIS Planning

Great tips on how to leverage content, web trends, and news to stay informed on economic development activity. Be sure to check out the q’s and a’s in this post on economic development organizations.

Barber Biz

This blog focuses on site selection and appears on a lot of top ten lists of national economic development blogs.

Trade Area Systems

Clever topics with good tips on site selection like “Could Picasso Have Picked Good Retail Sites?” and “Dick and Jane Pick Sites,” which claims “Fundamentally there is no difference between a child learning to read and a real estate professional learning to pick good sites.”

Site Selection (Magazine)

Chock full of data, profiles, rankings, and news on locations all over America - and beyond.

Retail Attractions Blog

Good content that explores how retail developers choose sites and offers other economic development insights and resources. We especially like this post on site selection.

Community and Economic Development in North Carolina and Beyond

Join the economic development discussion and get key insights on site selection from the experts who do it well: North Carolinians

What are the best blogs or postings related to site selection you’ve seen? Share your favorites by responding in the comments section! Also, check our our list of the best blogs for commerical real estate for 2015.

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