Why Commercial Real Estate Companies Should Think Currituck

iStock_000027640379XSmallJust 30 miles south of Hampton Roads, Currituck offers much more than a commercial site with a view. Currituck County boasts many benefits for businesses such as a pro-business climate, attractive tax rates, and a steady influx of commercial real estate companies from Hampton Roads and beyond. More and more companies are making the move to Currituck because it just makes sound business sense.

1. Location, Location, Location

Commercial real estate companies in Hampton Roads should take notice, Currituck County is conveniently located to all that Hampton Roads has to offer. No matter which way you loop around Norfolk, the trip from Hampton Roads to Currituck County is about 30-minute drive, thanks in large part to the direct path provided by the five-lane NC 168.

Additionally, the quick commute is just as easy to make through the air via the Currituck Regional Airport, over rail via the Chesapeake and Albemarle Railroad or by sea through the Intracoastal Waterway.

In other words, Currituck is within an attractive radius for companies looking to leverage all the resources of the Hampton Roads area. This includes access to the Port of Virginia and its terminals, as well as, Norfolk International Airport for convenient global distribution, a skilled labor pool of former military personnel and more.

 2. Pro-Business Upgrades

Currituck County is close to Hampton Roads, but is that enough reason alone for commercial real estate companies to recommend that their clients head to the beach?

Location is just the beginning of Currituck’s attraction. Recent code updates make development in the area more user-friendly than ever. The changes strike a balance between streamlining rezoning and other processes to spur business growth with protecting the area’s thriving natural resources and wildlife.

3. Inside Business Incentives

The property tax rates for Currituck are dramatically lower than those in surrounding states and cities. At 48 cents per $100 of assessed value, Currituck’s rate is at least 10 times less than Hampton, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

Additionally, a plummeting North Carolina corporate tax rate that will hit 5 percent by Jan. 1, 2015 adds extra savings.

Finally, commercial real estate companies should not forget that assisting clients relocate or start up in Currituck satisfies the quintessential work-life balance adage: work hard, play hard. Currituck is one of the few places where companies can build a compelling business case around bringing their work to vacation – or vice versa.


 Thinking Currituck Five Reasons

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